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Posted by khanrehman930 on November 15th, 2014

In the world of transportation, maritime transportation has played an essential role. Although it takes some time to transport products from one place to another but is far more affordable and capable of carrying heavy machinery, oil and grains to foreign lands or to different parts of the country. Airplanes cannot carry heavy machinery or large machines to longer distance requiring ships to do this. Since the ancient times, this form of trade transport has ensured proper functioning of different industries. With the increasing use of the ships and vessels along with several companies, popping up in this business there is a need to establish some ground rules in order to keep everything in fine order.

Admiralty law or maritime laws are the set of laws established by a country in order to sort out every case or legal suit regarding maritime offenses and situations. Such situations and offenses are more common as one might seem to believe. It can include frauds, stolen property, loss of business, insurance claims, and accidents or two or more vessels, natural calamity loss and so on. Apart from this, other matters are marine navigation, shipping, sailors, marine salvaging and marine commerce. Laws are followed as per the territory of the country you are in at the time of the incident.

Since UAE is one of the major business hub and port for maritime transportation it is more than essential to understand the laws before going further with the complaint.

Status of Collision!

Even though the traffic is not very heavy in the sea or international waters, but some of the busy ports often face collision of two different vessels. This comes under the maritime collision. Categories on which the collision is determined are:

  • Fault of one vessel
  • Both vessels at fault,
  • Force majeure, something that was not under control of any party.

In UAE, that vessel is considered liable for the charges and expenses, which caused the collision or could have avoided. 

Investigation by Court!

To make sure that justice is done for the parties properly, court can conduct investigation to find out about the liable party. To make sure that investigation is conducted just you will have to hire Admiralty Lawyer in UAE to represent your case.

With the help of the lawyer, it will be much easier for you to understand as well as use the law for your benefit. Make sure that the documents and investigation is done in the right manner for fair representation.

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