The swag of custom perfume boxes

Posted by Edward Smyth on February 2nd, 2021

Nothing and I repeat, absolutely nothing beats the swag of custom perfume boxes. I have seen beautiful custom jewelry boxes that are as pretty as the jewelry items placed inside them. There is nothing that comes close to the creativity used in custom boxes used for packaging the perfumes. In recent times, countless brands and companies have stepped up to minimize their packaging or switch to biodegradable custom boxes to curb littering on the planet. Some perfume brands are so aggressive in their approach that they are making use of custom printed sleeves on their glass bottles for branding and packaging needs.

Most perfume brands and companies have switched to cardboard-based custom perfume packaging. Just like custom jewelry packaging, they come in different shapes, dimensions and sizes. However, custom perfume boxes are more versatile than the boxes manufactured from cardboard stocks and used for customized jewelry packaging. Most times jewelry items are visible from their packaging, which make use of the window patching feature. Jewelry accessories are displayed for maximum shelf visibility and packed in custom boxes later on, once the customer has bought them. In the case of perfumes, the packaging is the first thing that the customers look at.

Custom perfume packaging entices the customers and pushes them into checking out their fragrance. Most times, it is the name of the brand that sells a perfume. It is because of this reason that perfume brands and manufacturers order their custom packaging in themes and designs, which emphasize the brand name of the perfume. In recent years, customers have started preferring the custom perfume boxes, which are de-cluttered.  It helps customers identify their preferred brand easily on the shelves. It also helps save their time and gives packaging for perfumes a distinct differentiating factor. These boxes are printed in the most modern offset printing techniques and given the latest and most impressive finishes.

Like custom jewelry packaging, the custom perfume boxes too, are responsible for protecting the product placed inside them. These boxes are crafted from strong cardboard stocks that protect these bottles and vials during the display at retails and stores. They are made space-efficient so that it is easy to stack them on top of each other on the shelves. The custom boxes for perfumes play a vital role in keeping the bottles safe during shipping, transportation and final delivery. Most times cardboard inserts are placed inside these boxes to provide extra protection to the bottles inside.

Perfume brands are now preferring biodegradable perfume boxes over traditional options because of many reasons. Firstly, the boxes crafted from the biodegradable stocks are very sturdy. Because of the sturdy nature of these boxes, neither the bottles nor these boxes get damaged easily. Any form of modern printing technique can be used on packaging boxes for perfumes as biodegradable stocks are extremely print-friendly. Eco-friendly features like Spot UV are then added to these boxes to make them appear attractive. For perfection of these boxes, it is important that perfume brands get them manufactured from top-notch packaging expert companies like ClipnBox.

Perfumes packaging is available in custom rigid packaging, which provides a unique and memorable unboxing experience to the customers. Most times brands offer it on limited stock for a limited time period and target a niche. The meticulous detailing and features added to custom rigid packaging are matchless. Because of this reason, rigid packaging is used for packing premium products and items and win the hearts of the customers. The recipients are so delighted at receiving these boxes that they record the entire unboxing experience through the lens and upload these videos on various social media channels. As these videos are viewed by target audience globally, the brands gain from this tremendous exposure. People all over the world come to know of the existing brand and products it offers.

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