Filling a Purchase Order Requisition Form

Posted by articlelink01 on November 17th, 2014

Purchase is more of a mandatory undertaking in any company setting. This is not restricted to manufacturing or for-profit businesses; Even non-profit businesses must at one point or another make a purchase. Under such a situation, a purchase order will be one notable feature so you must be well informed on how to create one. If you have a company and that is problematic, this article will come to your rescue by highlighting how to fill a purchase order requisition form. The steps are very simple and will take very little of your time.

  • Requestor details- this will be information about the person who is making the purchase order. It can be one of the company employees or a senior manager and his or her personal information has to be available. It is an integral part of the purchase order form. Information required will be the requestor’s name, employment identification and requisition date as well as department of the company that is placing the order. Don’t leave out the contact details since that will be the only way to communicate.

  • Vendor details- this is general information about the company where you will be placing a purchase order. Of course, the full name of the company has to be indicated, name of the company representative dealing with the supplier, physical address of the company and contact information that includes telephone number, e-mail address and fax. Make sure you have given out the accurate information to avoid any complications during shipping.
  • Shipping information- in your purchase order requisition form, you must indicate the recipient of the goods which is necessary for shipping. Indicate the department of your company where the consignment will go to, name of the building that houses your company, name of the contact person to deal with, room number, physical address as well as contact information. All the information must be accurate.

Order details- this is the most important section of the purchase order requisition form because it captures the full description of what is being ordered. First and foremost, you must indicate the currency of all items that have been ordered. It can be the dollar, euro or pound and it must be indicated since most of the countries use different currencies. Also include the delivery date and this should be the least when you expect the consignment to be delivered, letter of agreement between the two parties should be attached, length of warranty for the goods in case it is applicable and estimations for freight charges. Other order information to include is special instructions if there are any, quantity of items ordered, price per every item and description of the items. If you have been offered discounts for the items then that must be indicated in the purchase order requisition form.

You have to make sure all the relevant information required in a purchase order requisition  form is filled in prior to initiating the process. It will safeguard your purchase before, during and after shipping well aware that goods get lost while on transit. Using a  purchase order receiving software  will ensure accuracy so consider it.

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