Where is Chenlu Ancient Town?

Posted by ugfanfan on November 17th, 2014

Chenlu is about 30 km from the Yanzhou Kiln Museum. No one knows exactly when the ancestors of Chenlu began to build kilns for firing pottery and porcelains. According to historical records  it may start in Northern Zhou 1400 years ago. The latest archaeological findings say that  30 pottery producing areas,  40 kilns and 20 workshop sites belonged to Jin  Yuan  Ming and Qing Dynasty. On the sites excavated 15, 000 pieces of cultural relics,  Chenlu is regarded as the capital of celadon in the north of China.
Chenlu has been the most important ceramic industry base in Northwest China. For a thousand years, traditional porcelain manufacture technique has been passed down generation by generation. The fire flames from the kilns have never been extinguished. Chenlu has made a miracle in the history of China Ceramics. Nowadays almost every resident at Chenlu is a ceramic artist. Every family opens a ceramic workshop. Each dwelling house is enclosed by abandoned pottery moulds,  abandoned ceramic utensils. These ceramic utensils walls in brown, white and yellow form a huge oil painting.

Its products at present are mainly used for daily utensils,  display,  worship and ornaments in various glazed colors such as blue  black, white and tea leaves color etc. The folk customs are closely related to pottery making.
At the entrance of the town lies a museum, telling the history of Chenlu and exhibiting typical porcelain and pottery objects made in Chenlu.

Visiting Chenlu pottery- making town,  one can visit the porcelain workshops, realize the folk pottery art and the local life style of people who still live in cave dwelling houses on the loess plateau in North Shannxi province.

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