Android App Monetization ? gives your wallet a raise!

Posted by Aaeesha on November 17th, 2014

Android App monetization and distributions are developing with the increasing usage of smart mobiles. The application development is made easy with the SDK platform where the developer can create a new application from wherever they are in few simple steps. Applications take very less time to create. While the creation and usage of the application are dealt with a group of people, there is another set of major work done behind the mobile App monetization.

This process of android App monetization is quiet challenging and this is the base for revenue generation in these companies working towards android applications. Though free apps are the keen interest of people, there are also very useful applications and interesting games that are purchased by users. Mobile app monetization is not just about these paid apps, there are also other ways through which these companies monetize.

Advertise and gain the limelight

Mobile advertisements are one of the best ways through which the other common companies seeing advertisements, pay for their ads to be displayed whenever the application is used. The rates also differ with the type of advertisements. A small tab of ad that keeps running below the application or a sudden banner during the usage gains good interest. This lets the user gain the best experience of application usage and also the association with another group of companies is strengthened. According to the amount paid, the ads are rich enough – the latest is the video ads.

In-app products – free applications with upgrades to be paid

In this way, the base of the application is given for free and with the usage of these applications if the mobile user feels that an upgrade is necessary, the premium upgrade is given for a nominal fee. For ex: if a student uses a mobile application to read flash cards, these applications give free 100 flashcards and then charge for the full set. The students who like the application pay for this in-app product and gains the best use of it.

Partnerships – strengthen the bond of smartness through apps

Few companies join hands in partnerships to produce paid apps. They take sponsors to make applications which induce great quality and flexible usages all in one click or swipe. Young talents come up with innovation in a swipe.

Just a swipe away – get the best use of androids

Cross – promotions where the mutual in-app adds helps more. This way, one product promotes the other and mutual growth is guaranteed. Incentivized monetization where the game currency and virtual good are exchanged for installation of these games.

Mobile app monetization and Android app monetization helps in revenue growth of the startup companies and help mutual growth of other products as well.

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