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Understanding how HGH supplements help in curing Atherosclerosis

Posted by sofiyaallens on November 17th, 2014

Poor lifestyle, busy work schedule, increased comfort level,  no physical exercise and  consumption of too many  sugary  and fatty food,  are few factors which are associated with the life most of us are living these days. Everyone wish to have a comfortable  and lavish lifestyle, eat whatever they want  to eat, but one has to take care of health as well. An unhealthy lifestyle, not only  lead to several health issues, but also provide a very great impact on physical and mental development of an individual.

Fatty foods with high LDL cholesterol causing agents are very harmful for heart as well as arteries. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol generally known as LDL cholesterol is  not good for human health at all.  If forms plaque like formation in the blood stream that affect the circulation of blood flow and can lead to dangerous heart problems.

Increased levels  of  LDL cholesterol is the main reason of Hardening Of The Arteries, which is popularly known as Atherosclerosis. It is the accumulation of plaque in the arteries that begin in adulthood and gradually gets worse over time.  It is  even more of concern, if you have  other health problem like high blood-pressure, diabetes or obesity.  The progressive diseases can cause heart attack and other form of cardiovascular  diseases.

Several clinical research suggests that HGH deficiency is the main reason for  increasing risk of Atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.  The sufficient amount  HGH (human growth hormone) in the body may improve cardiac function and enhance the quality of arteries as well.  Human growth hormones can increase the number of LDL or low density lipoprotein cholesterol receptors in the liver cell that remove the formation of plaque from the bloodstream. As human growth hormones, improves liver function, remove LDL and clean arteries, it works effectively in controlling atherosclerosis.

These hormones are naturally formed in the body through pituitary grand and then released into the bloodstream. In the early  0s, the formation of HGH in the body is extremely high, but it steadily declines in the 60s. Human growth hormones aids  are easily available in the market in the forms of pills, injections and oral spray.  HGH injection contains heavy doses that slow down the body’s hormone development feedback system and increase the production of age accelerating hormones as well.

It  is for this reason, most of the doctors  recommend oral spay HGH supplements. Oral spray HGH supplements are ultimate low dose an high frequency protocol that protect the body from the negative activity of hormonal feedback systems. It also improves the immunity system of the body to fight against the overall hair, brain and muscle deterioration.

AEON HGH is one of the first introduced oral spray HGH supplements. For further information about this supplement visit

About the Author…

Sofiya Lewallens is an experienced writer concerning Health industry. Her articles help in informing about the Heart Disease, Stress, Plaque and Bypass Surgery. For more information about Cardiovascular Disease visit our website

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