How Many Chairs Should I Rent?

Posted by aaarents on November 17th, 2014

Spectacular events like weddings are the culmination of months of planning and careful attention paid to little details. Because an event of this scale tends to have a diverse guest list, one of the all-encompassing necessities is seating. It's difficult to gauge how many chairs to rent, but the key is to always conscientiously over-estimate.

Invitation-only events are a bit easier to equip than open ceremonies. Certain numbers of RSVP invitations are sent, and so many responses are received. Planning the ceremony and reception is a bit clearer when there are a solid number of people to accommodate. This doesn't mean planning shouldn't include contingencies for unexpected situations. There is nothing worse than inviting people and not being able to seat them. As a rule, always plan in the scope of having “extras.”

Finalizing a number of chair rentals for Los Angeles events will need careful calculation. Renting a safe number of chairs requires knowledge of how many total invitations were sent reconciled with responses received. For instance, if 100 invites were sent, these will inevitably include names on list plus immediate family, presumably. If the proper RSVP is presented, each guest should respond with the number of people attending. Assuming each invitation is for a family of four, this could mean as minimum of 400 chairs. Add accommodations for caterer rest areas, ceremony officials, equipment delivery, and replacements if faulty chairs are discovered. 450 chairs in this case would be a safe number.

A solid estimation of guests plus behind-the-scenes personnel and replacement chairs is the number needed when booking a wedding rental supplier. Since rental chairs are usually coordinated in blocks of 10, 25, 50 and 100 units always overestimate. During special events, guests and other people tend to spring-up from everywhere. No matter who attends, it is a good idea to cover everyone's seating needs with a chair. Established wedding and event rental services know how difficult it is to take care of every little detail. Once a number of positive RSVPs are received, it is absolutely imperative to discuss the event with the rental service of choice. From experience and good business practice, the rental service will help to cover seating for anyone that may have been overlooked. The stress of running an event is enough. There is no reason to endanger the rest of the event with an underestimation of how many chairs are needed to make everyone comfortable.

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