How to Win More Fans With Live Music

Posted by benmarshal on November 17th, 2014

Musicians are artists who create music instead of paintings. Today, there are many artists in the music industry seeking to grow their skills and fan bases. In many cases, it is up to the individual performer to make sure their audiences are growing larger- you cannot always rely on record labels and marketing specialists to do the work for you. Without winning more fans, an artist may lose ground and support and become less popular over time. So, how can a musician attract and retain fans through live music performance? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Choose the right venue: fans love great venues. When you pick a Denver live music venues to perform, you need to pick it with your fans in mind. There are many things to think about that will ensure they have an excellent experience. You will want to consider issues such as space, security, and accessibility. A small space may not accommodate as many fans as you want for a live performance; Fans also need assurance for their security, which is the reason you need a secure venue.

  2. Give your fans what they want: as a musician, you need to have the best interest of your fans at heart. Giving them what they want in terms of music will make them more interested in your performances. Don’t bore them up with common tunes that they hear everywhere, surprise them with new tunes, especially during your regular country music tours USA. It is very common for artists and musicians to do covers of their own personal favorite songs to entertain their audience! Sharing your personal favorites with the audience, also helps build a connection that will keep them loyal to you.

  3. Charge Modestly: the more you charge to attend your shows, the less people may be able to afford to attend. Therefore, it is advisable modestly price your shows.

  4. Promote your shows: live music performance is a business and so you need to reach to your fans with the dates and venues of your upcoming events. Such promotions can be made in various live music venues Denver, or on your website, or on social media.

Maintaining a growing fan base is a challenge many musicians face. However, with commitment and implementation of the above strategies, you are likely to overcome it. Local artists such as Ben Marshal offer live music performance in Denver. For more information about upcoming dates, visit www.benmarshal

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