Five Things That Can Ruin Your Live Performance

Posted by benmarshal on November 17th, 2014

As a performer, it is important to avoid certain pitfalls during your live performance. Your goal is to have your fans entertained while you derive your satisfaction from your trade. However, if you overlook certain aspects, you might end up with a ruined live performance that does not meet its intended objectives. Here are five things to watch out for:

Security: Many people can attend a live music in Denver. To ensure that your fans will enjoy without being interrupted by any bad behavior, it is important to ensure that security is in place. If the venue is a restaurant, ensure that the management of the facility has arranged for enough security to protect fans during your performance.

Lack of connection with fans: live music is about engaging and connecting with fans. When they don’t feel you connect with them, you are likely to lose them. Therefore, engage the fans through facial expressions and gestures. Speak to their emotions and make them feel the impact of your performance at an inner level. Besides facial expressions and gestures, you can also involve the audience through audience participation, and inviting them on stage or asking those in the front-row questions.

Mixing events: when you hold live music shows, ensure that no other important activity is going on the same day. More than one event in the same community is likely to divide attention of your fans. Explore Denver music venues to ensure that no similar event is taking place in the same community. That way you can have as many fans as possible attending your shows with undivided attention.

Performing too often: while your fans may welcome you any time you perform, you are likely to bore them if you perform too often. You need to give your fans some time to miss you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Lack of loyalty to your fans: your fans are loyal to you and so you need to return their loyalty by obeying their requests, and honoring their suggestions. This can lead to a strong bond between the artist and the fans. You can check their requests by doing on-stage call-outs, and by setting up online comment boxes online.

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