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Posted by The Engraved Gifts Company on November 17th, 2014

When you get to live long enough together to celebrate a Ruby anniversary, the gift should be as precious as the glittering namesake itself – the ruby.

There are some excellent choices you can give your better half for your fortieth wedding anniversary. Trinkets like Jewellery boxes and the Jewellery itself, are there to provide distractions, but how about something really unique and unusual?

Let us find out what one can do, to make the event exceptional.

Newspaper cuttings-

Well, not just any newspaper, but may be, that of your wedding day, the birth of your son or daughter, or any occasion, to make your forty-year journey exquisite. Newspapers have been here forever. However, what will make it even more pleasant is, if you can get hold of such an old newspaper and present it with a flourish. How to get hold of such old papers, there are ways and means nowadays to do anything you wish for. The online gift stores have with them these exclusive editions, for just this sake alone. Once you specify the dates, you get that day’s paper, either it is twenty years old or forty. So make an outstanding gift for your ruby anniversary, with these old, yet gold newspapers.

Carved crystals with personal message-

You have been bestowing with precious jewels and trinkets all over the years. Now you both have everything you want, what more can your partner need, other than your love and devotion? Even a small piece of crystal, artistically shaped, with a magnificently carved message, can make the receiver ecstatic with happiness. You can again get hold of one such piece, specially designed for you, at the online gift shops.

Photo frames-

Not just simple, impersonal picture frames, but the ones, which has all your memories captured inside a freeze frame. They can also be more personalised, with some beautiful and emotional message at the corners or sides. Why not buy the best from the online stores, to make your memories last for another life time?

There are many other ruby anniversary gifts, like carved cufflinks, anniversary plates, and so on, which can truly mark the occasion of your Ruby anniversary remarkable. So make the most unforgettable memory, for your ruby anniversary, or your parents, by giving them the best that money can buy, but, with lots of love.

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