Purchase Order Software for QuickBooks- How to Create your Purchase Order

Posted by articlelink01 on November 18th, 2014

A purchase order is a contract between a buyer and seller even though very few small businesses treat that seriously. But as the business grows more and establishes a big base, it becomes increasingly important to have purchase orders for the business to keep records for accountability purposes. The purchase process also becomes formal when using purchase orders and QuickBooks is one of the programs to use in creating that. In this review, you will get a guideline on how to come up with a purchase order using purchase order software for QuickBooks. It will all start with you sending a command or communication to the program that you are ready to create a purchase order.

Once it’s accepted, a window will pop up to help you create a purchase order. Go to the “vendors” button from the menu bar and then click “create purchase orders” which will set the whole process in motion. From the menu bar, you will see a drop-down tool which you will use to choose the right vendor from where you will be making purchase from. The box will include all the vendors in your list so choose the one that you will not have problems with. There will be the optional choice of classifying your purchase but it is not necessary if you don’t have a reason to do that.

Likewise, there is the option of providing a shipping address in case you want to change the already existing one. Making a confirmation of the purchase order date is very critical and will be the next step to take in creating a purchase order using purchase order software for QuickBooks. Most of the software programs have the current date of the day showing but you should change to the exact date of the purchase. You have to get this one right otherwise shipping of your products might encounter complications on the way. It is captured in the contractual arrangement in regards to number of days the whole shipping will take and a slight error will be very costly and create frustration and trouble.

There is the purchase order number which is another crucial piece of information when creating a purchase order in QuickBooks. This is for identification purposes and will safeguard your consignment from getting stolen or misplaced while on transit.  The numbers are given in a sequence which is always correct. You should never overlook that when creating a purchase order in QuickBooks. Have a detailed description of all the products that you are ordering and every item should occupy its specific row on the purchase order software for QuickBooks. Include information like quality, rates and quantity of the items to purchase.

 It is very easy to create a purchase order using  purchase order software for QuickBooks . There are certain important details that must be included like purchase order date and number as well as identifying the right vendor you will be ordering from. Alternatively, consider using  http://bellwethercorp.com/purchasing-automation/  cloud based purchase order software.

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