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Posted by madhu xp on February 3rd, 2021

Antigua and Barbuda is a rare gem located in the Caribbean Sea. Although it is made up of many islands, the country got its name after its two most famous islands- Antigua and Barbuda. The country has many beautiful beaches and resorts. It is an independent nation and is one of the Commonwealth countries. The country has many numbers of white sand beaches. It is known for lush green forests and has its own cultural heritage. This country offers the cheapestcitizenship by Investment program. The island of Antigua is only 22 kilometers long and 18 kilometers wide while the total area of Barbuda is only 161 square kilometers.

This island’s official language is English and has its own currency known as the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. However, the country accepts US dollars too for circulation within. The highest peak of Antigua is named Mount Obama as a commemoration to President Obama when he was elected President of the United States. Antigua celebrates their independence from slavery and British rule for 10 days. Both the islands are wealthy in terms of fauna and flora. Rare species of birds and animals are found in these islands. Barbuda also has pink beach due to the effect of the sand being mixed with the crushed corals. This island is 8 kms long and provides for one of the most peaceful outing. The country has good amount of resorts and investing in these could help one earn back their returns. Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program came into vogue in the year 2013. This was the most latest of the countries to join the club.

To qualify for this program, the applicant will need to invest in the real estate of the country. This should be maintained for a period of 5 years. Alternately, the investor can buy the citizenship by making a non-refundable donation to the national fund of the country. Through this program, the applicant can earn citizenship for himself/herself, their spouse and dependent children. This program has no other rules in place. The applicant need not prove their language skills nor do they have to have any knowledge about the island. The program does not require that the applicant visit the country during the application process.

The applicant will get a second passport with this investment immigration program. With the investor immigrant visa program the investor would only get residency permit which could eventually lead to citizenship of the country. With Antigua’s second passport the holder can travel to more than 100 countries visa free. The country also allows dual citizenship and maintains confidentiality if the situation demands the same. The investor or the holder of the citizenship of the island has the right to live and work in any part of the island. The investor will be receiving their citizenship in 4 months period. The tax regime in the country is very legible and the new citizens will have minimal to zero burden of taxation on them. The next generation children of the new citizens will be awarded citizenship of the country naturally, until the time they decide to give-up on the same.

Children of the main applicant who are 29 years or less and who are dependent on the main applicant for livelihood can apply for the program. The main applicant and his or her spouse parents and grandparents who are above the age of 58 years can also accompany in the citizenship program.

If the main applicant intends to purchase the citizenship through a donation to the National fund, then he will have to make a donation of USD 0,000 if a family of 4 is applying of which 2 will be minor children. If 5 or more are part of the application process, then he will need to make a donation of USD5,000 and more, depending on the number of applicants.

If the applicant intends to invest in the real estate of Antigua and Barbuda, he will be purchasing real estate with a minimum value of USD 0,000. This real estate should be maintained for a minimum of 5 years. The real estate will be pre-approved. This investment too guarantees citizenship for the investor and his or her family. Saint Lucia Citizenship too works on almost similar grounds.  

The investor can choose to invest in a business in the country. He can either establish a new business or invest in a running business. To qualify for the same the investor will have to invest a minimum of USD .5 million. A group of investors too can choose to invest in the country and they have a separate set of rules for the same.

It is best and safe for the applicant to work with an established investment investor experts to help them with investment choices and migration process. The country as such does not accept direct applications. The applicant will need to work with an immigration agency to process their applicant and it is imperative that they choose to work with the best immigration consultants to help them through.


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