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Posted by 3CIR Pty Ltd on February 3rd, 2021

Thinking of running your own business? Or perhaps you’re already involved in one? In any case, there is always room to build your skills and contribute to your long-term success. Taking a course in customer engagement an excellent way to improve how you liaise with your customer base. After all, the success of a business is also attributed to the way you treat your customers. The right customer service course will help you learn, develop, and apply the skills needed to improve your customer interaction. It will also help create a good, lasting, and professional impression every time. Hence, it may ultimately lead to customer loyalty and repeat patronage.

Courses available

The selection of customer service courses will vary from one educational institution to another. However, you can expect to find a certificate, diploma, and graduate courses. Each would have a different focus or specialisation to help meet specific learning requirements. Here is an overview:

  • Certificate II in Customer Engagement – It’s an entry-level customer service course that can enhance your communication skills and provide enough knowledge to help build your organisation's reputation. It’s best for individuals who are likely to work across multiple communication channels (email, face to face, phone etc) while providing customer service.
  • Certificate III – If you work with a range of clients and you want to provide more value to their customer journey, this course is for you.
  • Certificate IV – This customer service course will help you move up on the career ladder and become more qualified to become a team leader who can undertake complex interactions with clients. It may also help you become a competent coach to your team and be more efficient at handling administrative tasks.
  • Diploma of Customer Engagement – This course will provide you with critical skills as a manager for leading your team to ensure the best customer experience.

Start today!

Become a more competent and reliable team leader who contributes to building a positive environment in your business, as well as for your clients. Schools are offering online training for different customer service courses. With their help, you can enhance your current skills and learn new ones for better outcomes for your (or your employer’s) business. If you have any experience in your industry, consider an RPL assessment so you can easily earn your qualifications from your preferred customer service course.

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Warren Rowe has a dedicated team of ex-military personnel who are committed to obtaining qualifications for current and former defence personnel. 3CIR acknowledges that Military service is difficult, demanding and dangerous. But, returning to civilian life poses trials and challenges of a different kind for these men and women. During the early stages of their careers or towards retirement, they would have developed skills in many areas. They can be skilled in Leadership, Security, Risk Management, Work Health and Safety, Frontline Management, Community Service, Emergency Management, Training, First Response, Systems Technology, Logistics, and Trades.

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