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Posted by sonali on February 3rd, 2021

Configuration management software is the task of tracking and controlling changes in the software applications and their infrastructure to ensure that configurations are in a trusted state. Configuration management practices include tracking, conducting changes and revision control made to applications during the development process. It covers changes typically made by a system administrator or development team. Best Configuration management software maintains an accurate historical record of system state which is useful for project management, auditing, and debugging. The software can integrate with version control systems, software testing products, bug tracking tools, and other software development tools.

Top Vendors of Configuration Management Software includes–
AWS Config– AWS Config is the best configuration management software. It enables users to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of AWS resources. It provides continuous assessment, audit and evaluation of the configuration of AWS architecture and reviews the changes that are contributed in the configuration and resources of AWS.
AWS OpsWorks– AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management software that allows cloud administrators and developers to manage and develop infrastructure deployment, configure resources and operate tasks for distributed applications. It enables users to automate deployment process by allowing them to use code to automate the configurations of servers.
AWS CodePipeline– AWS CodePipeline is an automatic code deployment platform that allows users to efficiently model the pipeline through several tools and modules. Users can automate their release pipelines. AWS CodePipeline can easily integrate with several third-party code repositories and services, as well as custom plugins.
Bamboo– Bamboo is a continuous delivery and releases management tool from Atlassian Corporation. Bamboo enables the developers, build engineers, testers and system administrators to work in a common space and share information by keeping sensitive operations locked down. It is the most preferable solution for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Bamboo can develop and test changes automatically and in case of a problem, the software can acknowledge the engineer immediately.
Codenvy– Codenvy is a cloud-based IDE that enables the user to easily deploy the tool through a firewall. It is designed for developers, teams, and enterprises for producing coding and debugging applications. The software makes developer workspaces instant and promotes the overall software development process by improving the project workflow and data management.
Octopus Deploy – Octopus Deploy is a free platform for individuals and small teams. It enables users to automate complex deployments of applications. Octopus deploy can easily automate the most complicated application deployments, on-premises or in the cloud and help the users for release management in emergency operations through its tools.
Salt Stack – SaltStack is event-driven automation software that helps organizations to manage and secure infrastructure automation, security automation, and network automation based on Python. It is open-source software that helps IT professionals to remotely configure security and automation processes for their digital infrastructure at a massive scale and enables its user to edit and maintain the security of the network on a unified platform.
Other vendors of Configuration Management Software are as below –
Azure Automation
Hashicorp Terraform
OCS Inventory NG
Octopus Deploy
XL Deploy
Trends of Configuration Management Software
Configuration management software is used by IT professionals and developers to promote better DevOps workflows by encouraging teams to work together.

Configuration management software encourages DevOps workflows by maintaining cross-team visibility and facilitating collaboration. DevOps concept in configuration management should understand the best practices of coding, building, testing, packaging, release, configuration, and monitoring.

DevSecOps is a standardized cybersecurity practice used to secure applications onto developers. The process often requires changes in software states by filling the gap between cybersecurity and development.DevSecOps is all about application and infrastructure security by automating some security barrier to keep the DevOps workflow from slowing down.

Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)is a set of practices that enable developers to streamline development and provide agile control over application infrastructure.CI/CD pipeline helps to focus on meeting business requirements, code quality, and security while ensuring compliance with project goals.

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