Things to consider before hiring an office clearance company

Posted by Anu Walia on February 3rd, 2021

Office waste seems like a waste that can be handled by office workers on their own. But you will need to get a safe and efficient way to get all the waste in the office cleaned and disposed of properly as the business grows and expands. Rubbish clearing systems, both in homes and workplaces, provide these services.

There are some simple aspects you always have to consider when recruiting an office clearance firm:

1. Reputation- An office demands that all citizens at all times conduct themselves with decorum and with high expectations. What is the credibility of the business you want to employ for rubbish clearance? How do they dress their employees? Are they guys you'd be afraid to drop by your office when you have customers? Can they be trusted alone without cheating or tampering with things left behind? Do they have integrity?

2. Experience- Ask yourself, how experienced are the clearance companies that you offer? Is the entity experienced in extracting waste from a work area such as yours, or on the top floor? Or are they used to dealing with medium and small offices? Stuff like the opportunity to clear office waste multiple days a week, or even regularly, should also include their expertise.

3. Flexibility- In London, office clearance companiesmostly run from Monday to Friday and may not be able to accommodate waste clearance companies coming during working hours during those periods. Thus, choose a flexible company that can clean up waste at night after work, or even on weekends. Workers don't often need to be interrupted and distracted during working hours by waste clearing firms emptying smelly bins, and so on.

 4. Speciality- While waste clearance companies are flexible in both residential and commercial property providing their services, some specialize in office waste clearing alone. A better bet will be that. These businesses have specialized in managing waste and providing tips and advice for office clearance.

5. Cost- Having taken into account all of the above factors, you can also consider the cost of hiring a company for office waste clearance. Instead of choosing the cheapest, or most costly, one should always combine the above factors with a reasonable cost. For any waste cleared from your office weekly or monthly, some will charge you; some will charge you a flat rate for all waste monthly. More preferable is the latter choice.

6. Services: In London, office clearance companies provide a complete solution when it comes to office furniture removal, clearance, transfer, furniture storage, furniture disposal, and recycling.


1) Removing Office Furniture

 When it comes to removing office furniture, transport and logistics staff are on hand to help make the removal as smooth as possible. They can help with the removal of furniture from the office and IT equipment.

2) Office Relocations 

Moving office is a major undertaking, but experienced teams from businesses are here to assist and make the office transition stress-free.

3) Storage 

They offer safe furniture and office equipment storage. You can also gather your content, store it for as long as you need, and then deliver it to your new office site at your convenience.

4) Purchasing & Disposal 

They will advise on the possible benefit or cost of furniture and equipment for your office. Under EU waste law, all waste products are disposed of and most items are recycled.

 It is best to obtain as much information as possible about the company before recruiting a firm. You must also ensure that a minimum of 90 percent of the e-waste they collect is recycled by the company.

You will also be able to make sure that the sensitive or business details stored on your Winchester drive will not fall under the wrong hands by selecting an office clearance company that offers data destruction/data wiping. Try to employ a reliable waste clearance company that is prepared to provide the clearance services with a no-obligation quote before any work takes place, so you don't get any nasty surprises afterward.

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