The difference between three side seal bag and pillow bag

Posted by sere on February 3rd, 2021

If you put in the supermarket, you will notice that there are lots of different-looking bags on the shelves. Even though the style of the bag could alter, there are only a few different kinds of finishes available from the printing world. Although different packaging bag styles may have a great effect on consumer perception, the appearance of your packaging bag on the outside will tell prospective customers a whole lot about the contents of the packaging bag.When ordering custom packaging bags, the principal factors to consider are material, layout and bag surface. A common question posed to customers would be,"Which one is better? Matte finish or glossy?"Glossy printing is the most common printing format. There are several reasons for this, but most importantly, its shiny.It can better reflect light and may attract customers' attention.Matte finishes are popular for two reasons. The matte finish is ideal for providing your luggage a soft, understated appearance. The matte coating procedure is straightforward and does not increase packaging costs.And it is simpler to read and comprehend huge fonts on matte printing.Determined by these factors, you can choose if you would like to get gloss or gloss finish for your pouch bags.There are various kinds of food packaging bags, for example standing up bags, flat bottom bags(box bottom/eight side seal bag), side gusset bags, 3-side seal bags, pillow bags (back side seal bag), etc.. The classification of those bags can essentially distinguish the production process of this bag from the name.The three side sealed bag is very similar to the pillow bag. They are sealed on either side and cannot stand up. There's only one opening to meet with this item. But there are some differences between these two bags. Let us present the gap between pillow bag and 3-side seal bag.The 3 side seal pouches are qualitative and economical horizontal bag. The bag is sealed on three sides and the top is available to fill the contents.The top can be open or you can choose to put in a zipper. The three side seal bag has excellent sealing performance, high barrier properties, and contains the purposes of moisture-proof and anti-fouling. Three side seal bags may prevent food from spoiling and prolong the shelf life. Three side seal bags need vacuum packaging in many cases. Vacuum packaging is also generally known as decompression packaging. The most important purpose is to extract all the air in the bag and seal it so the bag is always under high pressure.Pillow bags are among the most inexpensive packaging forms and are frequently utilized in the marketplace. It is simply a packaging bag for sealing the rear of the bag body. So the pillow tote is also called the back side seal bag. The shirt is usually available and used to fill the contents. Pillow bags can be used as food bags, chiefly for product packaging, storage of food, medicine, cosmetics, frozen meals, etc.. It may shield packaged products from pollution by outside variables and prolong the shelf life of food.We produce all kind of packaging such as laminated pouch, PVC pouch, Gift dictionary, decal and boxes etc.. Most of our production line is automatic manufacturing. We have 100 skilled workers. There are 10 Printing Engineers have 8 decades of work experience. Our production capability is 200000 cartons of packaging every day. We have three factories. One factory which main produce plastic laminated pouch is situated at XingBuXing Road of LongGang In Shenzhen. One factory which mainly produce PVC and Drawstring bag is situated at 5th Floor, RuiChang Industrial Park DongGuang. One mill which mainly produce paper boxes is located in Wenzhou city. Our three factors cover more than 12000 squares.

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