The Ultimate Road Trip Prep Checklist

Posted by servicemycar on February 3rd, 2021

Many things have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it's going to the movies, a sporting event, or a concert, all large gatherings have been squashed. However, you can still enjoy certain outdoor activities in small groups. Neither the law nor your vigilant friends are going to chastise you for it. One such activity is a good old road trip.  

If you want to escape the confines of your domicile, you can always find solitude in nature. Whether it's the long and winding roads leading to the desert, or a thrilling ascension to mountain tops, it's all still available.  

As long as you remain responsible and avoid crowding with too many people, a road trip is the best way to get respite from difficult times. It would be best if you weren't unprepared for an adventure. This ultimate road trip prep checklist is created to take you all the way.  

Do long road trips hurt your car?  

The damage that a long road trip could have on your car is based on many factors. Clocking up your mileage is typically considered the most decisive factor. However, preparing in advance for the trip can remedy most of the wear and tear the journey would cause.   

If your car's in top mechanical condition, a long road trip would actually benefit it. If you get an oil change and top up all necessary fluids, you're halfway to having your car ready for the journey.  

The oil change optimises your engine's temperature so it can run for a long time. With an oil filter change, you can get rid of all the carbon build-up since your last oil change. Other fluid changes, such as your transmission fluid, also have similar functions. 


How often should you let your car rest on a road trip? 

For most drivers, a long road trip is a game of temptation. Since the vast stretches of roads don't come to an end, you'd want your drive to be the same. If you follow our road trip prep checklist down to a tee, then you don't have to let your car rest.   

If all routine maintenance has been carried out in advance, the car can stay running for however long you require. However, if you need a break from driving, you should take it. 


The ultimate road trip prep checklist 

Get an oil change 

As we mentioned earlier, getting an oil change is a fundamental way of preparing for a long road trip. If you're lucky, you can time your road trip based on when your car gets serviced. If not, you can always get it checked by a trusty mechanic.  

This is where a car maintenance solution like ServiceMyCar comes in. Since an oil change is fundamental, it can be availed with all service packages, or separately. The 77-point inspection will also identify any other issues that have to be fixed before you embark on your journey. 

Inspect the condition of your tyres  

No one wants to put a damper on their trip by having to deal with a flat tyre. You can never guarantee complete protection against potential punctures, but you can come relatively close to doing so.  

There are multiple factors to look out for when it comes to your tyres. You must check the wearing of your tyre treads. If you notice uneven wearing, it could mean that you need to get a wheel alignment service done.  

Apart from that, you must ensure your tyre pressure is proper. If your tyres are underinflated or overinflated, it can affect your drive, and subsequently, your trip. Get the ideal air pressure by checking your manual or consulting a mechanic.  

Ensure your A/C is in top condition 

It's a critical consideration to make, especially in this region. You'll need your A/C to be working correctly in the winters, and can't imagine a drive with no A/C during the summer. If you have been facing recurring issues with your A/C, it's best to get an inspection done.  

Sometimes, the problem could be as major as a radiator issue, or as minor as getting your A/C filter changed. ServiceMyCar gives you access to the best garages, with A/C specialists for all car makes and models. Get a car AC repair to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road trip.  

Check (and potentially replace) other vital parts

With an oil change, you'd typically get your oil filter replaced too. However, other crucial parts, such as your air filter, A/C filter, spark plugs, timing belt, and hose, may need replacing. It's best to get a trusted garage to inspect these parts first.   

The mechanic can then advise you on what parts need replacing. As part of any routine maintenance or car service, these parts have to be replaced. Getting a car service is an easy way to cover this part in your road trip preparation.  

Check all your fluid levels

Briefly covered earlier, this is another crucial tip. This check will identify what fluids need to be topped up, similar to how an oil change would work. Whether it's your brake fluid, transmission oil, or power-steering fluid, these are vital components that have to be functioning correctly.   

For such considerations, fluid top-ups can be availed in various car service packages at ServiceMyCar. Moreover, it's included in the Major Service package, so you can rest assured that all your vital components will function properly for the trip.   

A final pre-road trip checklist 

  • Get a standard or major service – with engine oil and filter change  
  • A comprehensive tyre inspection – tread wear and air pressure 
  • A/C inspection 
  • Engine components inspection – belts and hoses 
  • Filter inspection – air filter and A/C filter 
  • Transmission oil inspection 
  • Coolant inspection 
  • Brake fluid inspection 
  • Power steering fluid inspection 
  • Battery fluid inspection  

To get your car ready for the ultimate road trip, look no further than ServiceMyCar. You can follow the checklist down to a tee, or pick and choose what you need based on your car's requirements.  

As the largest car service network, you get access to the best bmw garages for bmw service dubai and the finest genuine parts in the region. Your car will thrive during the arduous road trip and stay in top condition afterwards. 

Get ready for the road today. Book any of the services mentioned here, and much more, on the ServiceMyCar website or app.  


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