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Posted by Squadsy on February 3rd, 2021

Before this pandemic has changed everyone’s life, things were pretty simple. Everything was effortless not just in personal lives but also in professional life. Like if a company wanted to hire new employees, they would do it very easily. And after the hiring process was completed, the HR department would easily introduce their new employees. But this entire process changed after the Coronavirus hit the world.

That’s why it has become important to change with time and introduce new things like onboarding automation software to keep up the new energy. Also, this software is useful to make the orientation process a little bit easier and more fun. And when the introduction is fun, the chances of new employees working with a company on a long-term also increases.

When a company uses such software, it develops new interest in its employees. It also boosts the productivity of new employees. And thus, it helps in increasing the overall efficiency of a company. So, if you think that using such software is helpful, you can start looking for a company that offers it. Now, you can either do a detailed analysis, ask for recommendations, read the reviews, check the ratings, and then take a decision. Or you can simply get in touch with Squadsy.

It is a great company that offers incredible employee onboarding services. This company was started a couple of years ago and it has created a sensation in the market for the kind of services that it offers. The amazing automated technology offered by Squadsy gives you an opportunity to send personalized SMS and email to your employees. You can use this service to deliver automated messages at the right time.

Besides this, Squadsy also offers the chance to welcome the new employees by the video of the CEO. Then you can give a brief detail about the company and also, you can include the work that the employee needs to complete on his/her first day at work.

In case, you are still not sure whether you should invest in the automated onboarding process of Squadsy, you can keep reading to change your mind. When you will work with this company, you can take the advantage of a few benefits like unlimited emails, meetings, SMS; unlimited contextual automated onboarding journeys; scalable personalized via custom tokens; user management tools, and more. So, hurry and start a fun onboarding process with Squadsy.

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