Guidelines for Buying Baking Trays and Other Bakewares

Posted by everten on November 20th, 2014

Bakeware is among the essential kitchen items you need, and for the avid baker, it is one of the most commonly used sets of kitchen tools, too. There are several kinds of bakeware available nowadays; you do not necessarily have to purchase everything. Your choices should be based on what you truly need most--from casserole pans to cookie sheets, muffin tins, lasagna pans, cake pans, tart and quiche dishes, and bread pans. These guidelines should be able to help you buy the right baking trays and other kinds of bakeware.

The Essentials

Glass, nonstick, silicone, cast iron, ceramic, and metal are among your choices in baking trays. Here is an overview of each:

  • Metal bakeware – This is the most popular type known for providing the so-called 'perfect brown' on the bottom of breads, pies, and cakes. Most recipes were made based on the temperatures and cooking times for metal bakeware, too. Choose coated nonstick or stainless steel to make sure they are resistant to rusting.
  • Ceramic bakeware – This is made using kiln-fired clay, and then glazed with porcelain-like coating for easy cleaning. It is available in different colours and designs, and it provides a homey and traditional country look and feel to your baked goods and kitchen.
  • Cast iron bakeware – Many types of cast iron bakeware are enamelled for easy clean-up, to prevent, rust and eliminate the need for seasoning the iron. Cast iron baking trays are energy efficient because once it is hot, you can lower the oven's heat setting. These baking trays are versatile for induction heating, too. Many professional chefs prefer this bakeware.
  • Silicone – This is becoming more popular because of its flexible and lightweight form that can withstand high temperatures. It is easy to remove the baked goods from them, and they are easy to clean. You can find silicone baking trays in many colours and shapes. Alternatively, you may purchase silicone liners that can make any existing pan nonstick and easier to clean.
  • Nonstick – Nonstick baking trays are coated with Teflon, which prevents food from sticking. They are easy to clean and they prevent your food from burning. Nonstick coating may come off or chip over time, so you need to eventually replace them. Just be sure not to use metal utensils with nonstick bakeware to prevent untimely chipping or scratching the nonstick surface.
  • Glass bakeware – These are made of low-expansion glass, so you can use them in your oven and freezer. Glass baking trays are easy to clean and do not stain or retain food odours. They are versatile because you can serve your baked goods from them, too. Glass baking trays are efficient in absorbing heat faster instead of reflecting it, so they cook food faster. Just be sure to adjust your baking times. Glass bakeware is available in different kinds, except cookie sheets.

Consider buying over one of every bakeware piece, especially if you are learning to cook. This way, you can experiment without worrying about being committed to using a single piece.

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