Why do Army Challenge Coins Become Collector?s Delight?

Posted by dunitzsantrino on November 20th, 2014

The use of army challenge coins is not only limited among the defense organizations of a country, but this idea has found importance in several other sections of the society. The idea has emerged from the American army during the World War 1 but has been accepted by many other reputed organizations in the world. Many employers are finding these coins interesting and ordering these in bulk to give to the employees in special occasions. Both profit making companies and nonprofit making places are looking for such products to inspire their workers. They are warding the special employees with these items. These also act as identification items of individuals.

Army challenge coins bearers feel proud to have these in their uniforms, as badges and in the wallet and belts to show off their designation and importance in the military forces. Fundraising can be another popular utilization for these coins other than symbols of identity. Many companies arrange occasions and give the coins out at nominal rates for raising money to support a good cause. People are ready to pay money for owning these wonderful pieces made of different types of metals.

Military challenge coins are collected by many people outside the military forces as they respect the existence of these pieces of art and want to pay for the value they hold. These coins make your collection of antique things look attractive and genuine. People love to carry these during their work period to keep up their morality at all times. These remind them of constant expectations people have from the responsible citizens of the nation. These make other people realize how important the bearers have been as this act as awards in certain occasions. Many companies like to keep the bondage among the employees intact by giving these coins on jubilee functions.

Military challenge coins usage is not only restricted in the USA but has spread to other countries at a rapid pace. Almost all the countries of the world like to give their defense personnel respect and identity by giving these coins after graduation of the course or after a training to serve the nation. They understand that the country looks upon them in times of stress and bad days. They will show more dedication in work as the coins constantly act as a source of inspiration. The military people will always be strong and realize that the coins give them huge responsibility on their shoulders. They never sway away from the oath they have taken before joining the armed forces. The jobs they do are highly risky and can claim life at any minute. These coins keep their mental strength agile.

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