Need money fast? Only borrow from a licensed moneylender

Posted by sharonevans on November 20th, 2014

There are times when you cannot depend on the traditional lenders to lend you money. Yes, we are talking about the banks and the other financial institutions. There could be a sudden need for cash and you find the world a bleak place because banks and other financial institutions take their own sweet time to disburse loans. But don’t lose heart because a licensed moneylender can solve your problem. Contact an independent moneylender in Singapore and you can expect your loan to be approved and disbursed faster than you can think.

The private moneylending business has always been a debatable issue. You would remember Shylock, the famous character created by William Shakespeare. When you visit some moneylenders in Singapore, you cannot but feel that you are meeting modern Shylocks. Unfortunately, such moneylenders are available dime a dozen in the country. Despite all the rules and regulations that have been put in place by the government, someone would still flock to such a moneylender in Singapore and court trouble. A moneylender who is not a licensed moneylender has to be avoided at all costs.

So, what are we getting at? We are still talking of options outside of institutional and government lending agencies like banks. A licensed moneylender is someone who abides by all the rules put in place by the government. When you go through the website of such a moneylender in Singapore, you will find that all the details are clearly mentioned there. There is so much detail given that nothing is ambiguous. You know how much you can borrow and you also come to know how much you need to pay and how. This is the biggest difference between an authentic moneylender and a loan shark.

Borrowing money from a licensed moneylender is simple if you are 21 years of age and older. But first of all, you should find out the names of some of the top providers in this category and do some research about their profile and their rates of interest. Once you have decided who you want to borrow from, the rest is easy. You need to make your loan application and some of the lenders require that you visit their office for applying for the loan. There are some simple documents that you need to carry along with you. Once the loan is approved, you can rest assured that the money will be with you in the fastest possible time.

There is only one point about borrowing from such a moneylender in Singapore and that is you should not default on your payment. These people lend money to those in real need and they need to recover their money on time so that more customers can be served. The penalty for default can be harsh and you will not be able to do anything because the moneylender will follow the rule book.

Otherwise, borrowing from a licensed moneylender is a great experience. Contact the best moneylender in Singapore and see how they make you feel valuable as a customer.

If you are looking for a moneylender in Singapore, then the best and only option is to approach a licensed moneylender.

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