If You Are Looking for Pets That You Can Manage Easily, Rodents are the Solution

Posted by articlelink01 on November 20th, 2014

People hate rodents because of the messthey create in the house, and most of us cannot believe that those small animals can be domesticated to become pets. Apart from the nasty ones that we are used to, there are others that keep our homes lively and beautiful, and those are the ones that we will discuss here. In simple terms, these types of pets are simply mammals that come from the Rodentia family.

The rodentia family has members such as Guinea pigs, porcupines, beavers, rats, mice and squirrels. The category of rats and mice is where we get the pets that we love to keep in our homes. A rodent that is not domesticated uses its sharp incisors to cut into food containers, gnaw furniture and use them to protect themselves from predators.

Most of these mammals are vegetarians but some of them diversify their diets at times. As indicated earlier, the small mammals make it into the list of pets and they include rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters. They are fascinating animals that people like to keep as pets. Some of them have an added advantage for example the beavers, because they drive away wild rats that may invade your home. We all know how destructive wild rats can be when they are left to roam freely in the homestead.

These small sized pets are perfect for your kinds because they need little space in the sitting room, and your kids will have friendly company as they watch TV programs. The most favorable rodent pets are the guinea pig, rat and hamster. Other rodents that have joined the pet’s bandwagon are gerbils, chinchillas, mouse, emin’s pouched rat, African ground squirrel, and flying squirrel among many others.

The Rattusrattus are the long tailed black rats that originated from Asia and have extended their presence in other places like Europe, Rome and other parts of the world. It still maintains its tautonym although it is referred by some regions as ship rat, roof rat, English rat and Alexandrine rat. This rat is about 18 inches long with a tail that is 10 inches long.

The rat has many colors that can vary from light brown, black and its under belly is lighter. Its name therefore is not derived from the color of its body.

Rattusrattus are mainly found in coastal regions and that explains how the species has spread to different regions in the world. They can scale high walls and trees at top speeds. Research shows that the rats can climb up to 250 meters above sea level, and hence it is easy for them to scale up ship walls. This has enabled the spread of these rodents.

Black Rat’s Food

The black rat thrives on cereals, grains, fruits and vegetation. The Rattusrattus is omnivorous and so it can feed on invertebrates that include most insects. Their feeding style is destructive because they target the sources and that is why farmers dread them very much. They contaminate water sources and the stored food they are feeding on with their feces and urine. The Rattusrattus live in multitudes of both males and females and hence they reproduce at a high rate.

Rodents  are great friends when they are domesticated as pets. You will have an easy time taking care of those pets because they do not eat too much, and still they do not require a lot of space in your house. Rattusrattus  can be a bit tricky but you will enjoy the company all along.

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