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Posted by aonetech on November 21st, 2014

The industrial realm is witnessing massive changes on everyday basis. With the introduction of new technology and highly-improved machines; the end products are going through dramatic changes. An array of transportation systems are seen that heavily rely on cables. Now, the question is where do these cables come from? There are industrial units producing small car cables, which need to be strong and sturdy.

In this regard, the name that first surfaces to the mind is Aone-Tech, which is regarded as a small car cable manufacturer in Korea. Today, the company is engaged in producing a massive range of machining products that are further used for constructing other end products. Stainless steel is the main material used for production since the material is valued for its toughness and resistance to corrosion. CNC auto lather is another significant item as manufactured by the company and so it is also deemed as a CNC auto lathe manufacturer in Korea.

Here, in our discussion today, we bring to you two kinds- small car cables and CNC auto lathe that invite a sea of uses and benefits at the same time.

Small car cables- Cables are used to pull small cars or vehicles, which are usually engine-less and motor-less. Now, the cables are rotated by a kind of motor, which is off-board. If you have seen a cable car system, you will know how chain of cables helps to propel the cable cars that are also supported by rails or tracks underneath. Again in case of aerial transit system, the cabins, which are also called vehicles, or carriers or just cars are suspended and then propelled from above by the support of cables. However, you should know this that the cable that actually supports the cabin might not actually be the same cable that propels it too. The technology used behind the process determines the ultimate function. Here, have a look at the types of aerial transits:

  • Aerial tramway- This consists of a cabin that is suspended from a particular cable and is eventually towed by another cable
  • Mono-cable detachable cabin is a kind of system that consists of only one cable that enables propelling and supporting
  • B-cable detachable cabin- This has two cables, of which one aids in propulsion, while the other supports the cabin to make it stay stationary.

CNC auto Lathe- This is defined as the type of metalworking lathe in which the functions are actually controlled automatically. These auto lathes find several operations:

  • Form tools- The lathes are commonly used to form tools. A form tool has the contour of final part that helps to leave the desired component shape at the end.
  • Rotary broaching- This is another common operation. When the broach is fed into the machine, the contact points change incessantly creating any particular desired form. For instance, the hexagonal socket found at the end of cap screw is one such example.

Aone-Tech comes to the mind at the mention of auto lathe machines or small car cables. Also, being tagged as sus303 stainless steel sheet manufacturer Korea, the company is gradually becoming recognized for its quality products with persistent innovations that see dramatic values.  

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