What the art galleries Dubai should do in the technology era

Posted by SharonEvans on November 21st, 2014

 Buying what you need online is so popular nowadays that we can’t imagine our shopping habits without it. Everything can be purchased over the Internet, from clothing items and food, to furniture, tools, and gadgets. What about art Dubai? Can you purchase paintings, prints or photographs online? The answer is yes. Fine artists and their patrons have been arranging direct sales and commissions via the Internet successfully for years.  Now, traditional art galleries Dubai are reaping the benefits regarding online sales as consumer confidence in the purchase of works of art online skyrockets.  In some instances it may no longer be the patron walking through the gallery doors that keeps them open, but rather hugely supportive online sales.

It seems logical that the sale of artistic creations, whether it is music, books or art Dubai, can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively online than in the bricks and mortar world. While many in the art industry (both artists and art galleries Dubai) would argue that art is different, that you have to see it in person and touch it before you can make such a high value purchase, many art buyers disagree. As we all become more and more comfortable with the internet as a medium for commerce, we’re willing to make higher value purchases.

Many experts believe that art galleries Dubai need to come up with aggressive online strategies, like the first art gallery online in Dubai. There is no perfect model for selling art Dubai online yet.  However, it’s not going to work to have a static website with a few images of artwork and artist’s bios thrown up for visitors to review.  Deep and media rich websites are going to be expected, and e-commerce will be mandatory. Art galleries Dubai are going to have to place a lot more emphasis on the art-buying experience than the process. In some ways, buying art Dubai is more like the performing arts than traditional retail. Art Dubai buyers often visit galleries while they are travelling and are looking for a cultural experience, as much as a retail one. Shows and studio visits have always been important, but they are going to become even more so.

Galleries are going to have to become media experts. There is a lot of success offering multimedia experiences to buyers. Not all of that experience can be duplicated online, but a lot of it can. The tools to produce rich media content have become less expensive and more accessible, and you can now see the FIRST art gallery ONLINE in Dubai.

As artists gain more independence by using online tools and more savvy marketing techniques, galleries are going to have to think of artists as full partners in the business. While it should have been this way all along, many galleries have treated their artists (especially emerging and early-career artists) as minor partners or second-class citizens in the marketing of the artist’s work. Moving forward, artists are going to see galleries as only one of many marketing venues for their work. Art galleries Dubai are going to have to earn their artist’s business.

If you’re looking for some amazing art Dubai you don’t have to look no more. And there is no need to waste any of your spare time! Now you can access the first art gallery online in Dubai with a simple click of your mouse. Enjoy the best things art galleries Dubai have to offer from the comfort of your own home.

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