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Posted by SharonEvans on November 22nd, 2014

Modern architecture requires quality plumbing. The perfect home not only has to look good, but has to provide comfort and this is not possible without a quality system of pipes and plumbing fixtures, without products such as boiler packs, water heaters or oil tanks. The construction industry is always trying to improve and provide clients with better working valves, radiators, copper cylinders, high pressure cylinders, water tanks, PVC piping, heating systems and so on. Naturally, the number of units supplying such products keeps increasing making it more and more difficult to decide which supplied is best in terms of price versus quality.

There is a diverse range of cylinders available on the market today and awareness of the common types has become essential to the understanding of what is required and where. As far as heating systems are concerned, some prove more efficient than others. This means that one must talk to experts and determine which type goes best with one’s needs.

If you wish to take a look at few common types, please read the following paragraphs listing a few of them:

Vented. These cylinders are commonly connected to a storage tank. One of the favorites of homeowners, the high quality open vented stainless steel cylinders are usually the best when it comes to supplying hot water throughout the home in an efficient manner. Besides, they also allow connecting uncontrolled heat sources like solid fuel or wood burning appliances, which the unvented ones do not permit. Their design considers peak water tariffs and helps to save money.

Unvented. Unlike vented ones, these help store hot water within the cylinder itself. These are usually fed by cold water and have a few extra benefits as compared to conventional ones. They are usually manufactured using high quality materials and thus have a long life guarantee.

Thermal stores. Thermal stores are gaining increasing popularity in domestic renewable heating technologies. This kind of cylinder stores renewable heat until it is needed. Often the cylinders contain a couple or more heat exchangers in the form of internal coiled pipes and can also include electrical heating elements like immersion heaters.

Immersion heater. As the name implies, this electric water heater is directly immersed in water. It is available in various types (like over-the-side, flanged, threaded or screw plug) and requires its own power supply. Often many people find this type expensive, but employing thermostat controls with it can be an economical idea.

Solar cylinders. Because of the possibility to think of alternative fuels and to also consider lower energy costs and increased efficiency, manufacturers developed solar cylinders. These are intended to facilitate maximal solar energy savings.

Horizontal cylinders. If you have a limited storage space, these cylinders are ideal for you. They retain a bit of similarity with their vertical counterparts and can be found in both the direct and indirect models. Prior to purchasing, it is always recommended to check for the exact size that would fit the space.

Information about other essential products, such as boiler packs and radiators can easily be found online and using the suggested online resource we are providing you with, you will be able to find the cylinder with the right design for you.

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