Power Generation Training - Worth the Investment

Posted by rlnenergyservices on November 24th, 2014

It takes energy to create value in industries. That energy may come from a grid or from generators on site. On site equipment is often required in remote areas to supply energy.

Reliable energy requires trustworthy equipment and maintenance to keep equipment functional. A company has many options for industrial power equipment, e.g., rental, purchase of new or used generators, third party contracting, etc. Regardless of whose equipment is onsite for a given operation, the bottom line requires a power supply optimum for company needs and that it is trustworthy.

Contracting with others for servicing of equipment may be wise, but having a company’s own trained workforce onsite to provide regular servicing and maintenance is wiser. Although maintenance employees may have other duties on site, their skills can be augmented by specific power generation training on company equipment for routine maintenance and emergency needs. Having company maintenance employees onsite means reduced downtime since repair competence is immediately applied, saving money in terms of machinery labor, but even more importantly, preventing company losses from prolonged lost productivity.

Maintenance Training is Building Success:
Power generation equipment will fail if maintenance is sporadic. All equipment has a normal life cycle and will require replacement. A company’s short-term projects may easily fall within the life expectancy of a given piece of power equipment. A crew maintaining equipment in the longer term will recognize problem areas and potential failure points, useful knowledge when it comes time to upgrade power equipment. Basically, a trained workforce with experience can service existing equipment, but that workforce will have the expertise to recommend new or used equipment sufficient to meet emerging company needs.

Training, Retraining, and Updating of Training to Keep Current:
Power equipment is not locked in time. Equipment is continually modified and updated. Parts of older equipment need replacement. New ways of servicing older equipment are developed. Training of maintenance personnel needs to be regular and updates in training need to occur on a scheduled basis to keep up with change. Employees in a variety of fields now undergo “continuing education” to keep skills current but also to learn of innovations in equipment servicing. Change is part of the fabric of any industry, and that continuing education keeps equipment running on an optimal level and enhances decisions for equipment replacement as equipment reaches the end of its life expectancy.

About the Company:
RLN Energy Services is an Edmonton, Alberta based corporation providing sales of heavy industrial or commercial power equipments. We provide highly efficient power equipments including genset generators, cat generators, power generators and caterpillar natural gas engines in Edmonton, Alberta. Along with the power equipments, we also expertise in providing training on power generation for the better continuance and operations of different processes and tools associated. The services we offer are highly comprehensive and are served by highly experienced & knowledgeable field technicians.

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