Act Swiftly After Being Arrested In Singapore

Posted by vendelajar on November 24th, 2014

If you are under arrest in Singapore, it is wise to act swiftly to avoid all the other mishaps. Singapore has a strict law and order condition for every person present in its boundaries. Whether you are a traveler, a refugee, a citizen or a worker staying here for a limited period of time, it is mandatory for you to follow the laws and regulations as the way they are suppose to be. In case you are found to be indulged into criminal activity or in an act of breaking a law, which can be as small as spitting chewing gum on the road, authorities are liable to take action against you.

Instead of waiting for any event or the court to provide a lawyer for you selecting them randomly, try to hire one yourself. In Singapore, a person is presented in front of the magistrate within a couple of hours after being arrested for the crime in order to determine his or her sentence. Hence, you do not have much time.

In case you have not committed the crime, have a better justification of the situation the criminal lawyer in Singapore can help you in that. He will guide you about the court procedure, since you are not likely to be aware of the situation much.

Similar to most of the people, there is a chance that you are also not aware of the court procedure and the statement of the court often given for crimes in different situations. With the help and guidance of the lawyer, you can safeguard your rights by knowing about them.

-          The lawyer will help you to understand the procedure and ways to handle the situation in a better way. Under certain condition, the person admits to crime he was not even aware of since Singapore has some different regulations. You need to understand and plead as per that.

-          The lawyer can direct you about the statement before giving it to the police. For filing charges against you, the police will try to acquire your statement. It can be used in the court of law against you.

-          Foreign professionals living in Singapore for work or for other important things can contact their embassies for further help. The lawyer can guide you about your rights.

Apart from this, he will come in handy for fighting the case in the court of law. You must be represented fairly hence try to hire the best lawyer and work out the situation.

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