Effect of Google amp on SEO:

Posted by rose wells on February 3rd, 2021

Google AMP was developed in 2015 to improve the performance of the internet on mobile devices. With the help of AMP, quick loading of webpage's is possible as it allows content to be viewed on lightweight pages. With the help of AMP, Google has made the web pages experience accessible and more enjoyable than before. With the help of the right SEO Company in India, you can take advantage of the Google AMP.

Below are mentioned the main effects of Google Amp on SEO.

Offers Speed:

One of the main benefits that are offered by Google AMP on SEO is speed. Many users experience slow loading on their mobile network, which can be avoided b opting for AMP. With the help of Google AMP, the SEO is more precise and helps viewers get what they want quickly. Having a fast loading accelerated mobile page enables the user to benefit from it by getting what they require instantly.

The server performance improves:

One of the main effects of Google AMP on SEO is that it improves the server performance largely. There are chances of receiving a lot of traffic to your website that can be reduced with AMP. AMP pages can tolerate traffic easily and offer viewers what they are looking for, which is remarkable. To enable AMP, it is advised to get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Mumbai.

Get access to AMP only search features:

Google search result has reserved places for the AMP pages only, which help deliver content that will be top ranking in the SEO. AMP only search results have several effects. Offering fast uploading irrespective of the traffic is remarkable. If you are a publisher and looking forward to a better way of uploading your content, then opting for AMP services is the best thing.

AMP Stories platform:

The AMP stories platform was developed in 2018 to offer more engagement to users. The AMP stories platform offers publishers the right content format designed having a storytelling option. Publishers can use o this platform and increase their viewers as they also rank high on the SEO table.

Increases the conversation rate on e-commerce sites:

One of the greatest effects of introducing Google AMP is that it allows increasing the conversation rate on e-commerce platform by a huge margin. A small delay in the website load time can largely affect e-commerce websites, which can be reduced by opting for Google AMP services. 

The AMP lightning icon:

The AMP lightning icon in the SERPs shows that it is being served through AMP. Using AMP ensures that the click-through rate of pages which is remarkable. Users are opting for AMP related pages over the standard HTML pages for the best results. 

AMP's effects on SEO are tremendous and remain to be, which is why many users opt for this service over standard HTML pages.

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