About Carnivorous Plants- Different Types of Carnivorous Plants

Posted by articlelink01 on November 25th, 2014

Carnivorous plants are common in regions where soil has limited nutrients. The main reason why they are classified under carnivores is because they attract lots of arthropods and insects as well as produce digestive juices. Apart from those, there are many reasons why carnivorous plants exist. From this review, you will get to know about carnivorous plants including all the major types in the world.

  • Sarracenia- this plant is found in North America mainly around Texas and south eastern of Canada. Its leaves look like funnels after undergoing evolution while a hooded structure grows on top keeping away rain water. It secrets nectar which draws in insects through the good smell and attractive color.
  • Genlisea- this carnivorous plant has up to 21 species that thrive under either semi aquatic or wet terrestrial environments. You will find this plant growing in Africa and parts of south as well as Central America. Genlisea has two distinct types of leaves; photosynthetic leaves which grow over the ground and underground leaves which are specialized in attracting as well as digesting small organisms in the soil.
  • Utricularia- you cannot ignore this one whenever you want to know about carnivorous plants. It has a record 220 species and is found growing in fresh waters or wet soils. Furthermore, Utricularia can occur as either aquatic or terrestrial species with Antarctica the only continent where it does not grow. Out of all the carnivorous plants known in the world, this is the only one that uses bladder traps for catching prey.

  • Pinguicula- their leaves are sticky which is a good feature for luring and trapping insects. Since they grow on soils with low nutrients levels, the insects are used to provide key nutrients to the soil and its species amount to 80 found in Asia, Europe, South and North America. Its leaves are generally succulent and have two special cells namely penduncular gland consisting of secretory cells and sessile glands which are responsible for producing enzymes.
  • Drosera- with a total of 194 species, Drosera is one of the carnivorous plants that you must get to know about. The plant is common with all continents of the world except Antarctica and grows as either rosette or prostrate but that will largely be dependent on species. The main feature of this plant is mobile glandular tentacles that are covered with sweet and sticky secretions.

Byblis- this plant commonly grows in Australia and locals call it the rainbow plant because of the attractive appearance of the leaves when reflected by the sun. Zygomorphic flowers with curved stamens are the distinctive feature of the plant. It is one of the key plants to consider when seeking information about carnivorous plants.

You don’t have to worry  About Carnivorous Plants  because information available for your consumption is a lot. Take time to study each of the plants so that you can understand their specific features as well as proper  Carnivorous Plant Care  to apply. It will be of great value to you than ever.

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