Anse Technologies Co., Ltd. Offering AIS Automatic Identification System Support

Posted by ansetechnologies on November 25th, 2014

Behind every advance facility and service, it is technology that works as the key. With the growing demands from the consumers and citizens, private as well as public organizations serving people, needs to come up with more advanced technology driven processes that are effective, seamless, and less time consuming. This is achievable only through the application of latest technology in the very best way. In order to make it possible for the organizations to serve their consumers and citizens in a better way Anse Technologies Co., Ltd. has introduced a number of high end technology driven solutions that can work as a backbone of high quality services. The company has been working in the market of Korea for years and has gathered an undisputed reputation. Anse Technologies Co., Ltd.  also enjoys a global reputation.   

Services offered by ANSE

The company has developed high end IT solutions for marine, railways, as well as aviation services. The products serving the maritime and port related businesses include Integrated Maritime Traffic Management System, Integrated Marine aids to navigation management system, DGPS/NDGPS that can successively fill up the gap left by the traditional GPS systems, vessel traffic services and automatic identification systems.  The ais automatic identification system supports ship-to-ship and/ or ship-to-shore communication, informing ship navigation information including name of the vessel, speed, location and other factors that can be used for automatic identification. This system has a detection range of 50 miles and presently a total 38 AIS base stations are in operation.

Traffic solutions --- ITS

The solutions offered for the railways include, transmission network equipment, telecommunication line equipment, railway communication system, railway radio system, and even light railway and magnetic levitation propulsion train. The growing demand for better and customized service from the organizations responsible for public transport can be met only by the application of technical solutions, and in order to enable the public sector companies to serve the citizens adequately the intelligent transport systems or ITS can be highly effective. It is basically an eco-friendly traffic management system that helps in collecting, processing, and regulating information on vehicular traffic. This system can be effectively used on the highways or streets. The AIS which is also known as BIS or Bus Information System uses Telecommunication technologies for maximizing the efficacy of the traffic facilities. The system also enhances the safety, as well as convenience of the people being served.

Serving the public sector

Apart from the intelligent transport systems in korea, which has gathered high praise from across the world, the company also offers U-city or Ubiquitous City service to the organizations serving the public sector in order to maximize their efficiency in serving the citizens. This service enables the citizens to gather quick information about residences, traffic situation, economy, as well as facilities available in the city, easily. The system is designed to offer all information to the citizens as per the requirements.  Every service offered by Anse Technologies comes with a superior quality and advanced technology which make them stand apart in the crowd. 

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