Ceiling Clothes Airer ? Perfect Solution for Drying Clothes without Spending a P

Posted by Ange Everton on November 25th, 2014

 The demand for eco-friendly washing lines has increased a lot in recent years, as numerous households have been affected by the alarming increase in their electricity bills. By investing in a ceiling clothes airer or retractable clothes line, you can meet your household clothes drying needs without spending a penny; thus, the power to make a visible change for the better is in your hands.

Although we are naturally programmed to keep up to date with technology and to use it to make our lives easier, sometimes it is much better to use simpler products that do not consume any energy to meet our daily needs. For instance, what if I told you that electric clothes dryers account for more than 10% of your electricity bill and that, besides the initial investment, you must also pay for annual maintenance operations in order to ensure that it stays in a good running order? In addition, electric clothes dryers contribute to the faster deterioration of our clothes, which means that we will have to buy new clothes more frequently. 

And what if I told you that you could dry your family’s clothes without using any energy whatsoever? If you are determined to give a try to this second alternative, you should start by purchasing a clothes line. Fortunately, you have numerous options at your disposal and it is practically impossible for you not to find a product that suits the specific needs of your household. You can acquire a ceiling clothes airer that can hold up to 30 kilos of laundry and that will manage to successfully dry your clothes over the night, a rotary clothes dryer or a retractable clothesline, depending on your specific requirements.

The ceiling clothes airer has the advantage that it does not occupy any floor space; by acquiring a product manufactured from a durable material such as solid brass, you will have nothing to worry about. Apart from durability, you should also pay attention to anti-corrosion properties: it goes without saying that you should buy a washing line that will efficiently withstand corrosion and that has been designed to last a lifetime. By purchasing a top-of-the-line eco clothes airer, you will reduce your home energy bills and will contribute to the protection of our planet.

The retractable clothesline is also an optimum solution for households where space is a problem. If you do not have too much space for hanging clothes to dry and if you want to slash your energy bills and help the environment at the same time, you should purchase a retractable washing line right away. The good news is that you can find a vast range of washing line products and accessories at online retailers specialized in selling such products. However, in order to enjoy a stress-free and cost-effective shopping experience, you should place your order with a reputed provider of washing lines, which manages to cater to the most varied clothes drying needs of its customers.

We specialize in the provision of high-quality and affordable washing lines and accessories, including ceiling clothes airer and retractable clothes line. In addition, we offer free delivery for our products and we are committed to ensuring that our customers get excellent value for their money.

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