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Posted by Ozajobs on February 4th, 2021

Irrespective of one’s medical profession or specialty, it is a challenge for people wanting to enter this field to find their feet. For most students, the aim is to get good grades and qualify in their final examination. But in the race for grades and knowledge they forget to do one important thing that is to network with Healthcare HR Recruiters or medical recruitment services as getting in touch with them before one graduates may mean the difference between spending months after graduation searching for jobs and getting one quickly after one graduate. 

For many the summer holidays are time to take a break from studies and go on holidays or relax with families. We do not say relax or take a holiday, but also spend this time wisely by picking up extra skills or knowledge. The first thing college students should look for during their college breaks is for internships, that will help them build skills and experience and also get to network with prospective employers and the Best healthcare Recruiters in the field. Networking early with medical job consultancies in India as one will be ahead of the race, or if one waits for one to complete his/her graduation and then starts applying for a job, he/she will be competing with thousands of other fresh graduates. The Healthcare HR Recruitment Job in India is not easy, as every summer their inboxes are full of job applications from fresh graduates for a few open vacancies. If the Healthcare HR Recruiter is acquainted with you and your work it becomes easy for him/her to refer you to an employer. Another benefit of this is that when you network with people holding the Best Healthcare HR Recruiter job early, you can choose your first job in peace and not take the first job offered to you. 

One could begin networking by posting their profiles on Portals like Ozajobs and creating Linkedin profiles. Today we live in the world of the Internet and the Social Media and one should understand how to use the power of the same to get a job after graduation. Creating a profile, while still in college will get one connected with Healthcare HR Recruiters, HR managers and employers, and both of you will have each other’s contact information.

Graduates should also look at Job fairs, which are a bit old fashioned but one will find lots of recruiters but not enough candidates attending them. The Healthcare HR Recruiter like these job fairs as they get the opportunity of meeting the candidates in person. Candidates who decide to attend these job fairs should dress professionally, carry their latest resumes and be polite and friendly to the recruiters attending the fair.

Earlier it was considered quite normal if a candidate dropped into a facility seeking a job. But with the advent of the Electronic mail and telephones, people are expected to fix appointments before they land up at an employer’s office. At times one could drop into places, if one is interested in the positions they are offering or in the company, but always carry your resume and be clear about the message you want to convey. Also ask the Healthcare HR Recruiter for an appointment for a longer meeting or interview.

During your student life, you will come into contact with Healthcare HR Recruiters, administrators of facilities, directors of companies. Ensure that you ask them questions and seek the right career advice, and also let them know that you would like to connect with them later. As a student entering the Healthcare profession, one has to complete a certain amount of practical training or internships at Medical facilities. Before one completes the training, always remember to thank the Healthcare HR Recruiter or director of the facility for giving you the chance of training/interning there.

Irrespective of the dearth of Medicare employees, unearthing a position that is right for oneself can still be quite a test. So it’s best not to wait till one graduates, and networks early so that one can get a good job at the earliest after graduation.

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