The Most Reliable Cosmetic Products Manufacturer Korea.

Posted by soriso on November 26th, 2014

There is no dearth of cosmetic products manufacturer in Korea producing soaps, creams, lotions, and shampoos. However, Soriso is one of the most trusted Korean manufacturers of cosmetic products specializing in development and production of oriental herbal and environment-friendly cosmetics. Its name meaning “Special Smile” in Italian, the company boasts of its own skin and beauty care institute and skincare center that use top-grade imported products. It is the most global and most traditional soap manufacturer in Korea.

Leading Cosmetic Products Manufacturer Korea

Soriso, the leading cosmetic products manufacturer Korea, understands that the native Korean plants are most suitable for all types of skin. The present core project of the company is to develop extensive oriental herbal cosmetics from essential oils for every skin type. The research and development team exerts their entire energy for the improvement of skin of both men and women across the globe. It has applied for a patent in regards to cosmetic products that help problematic skin types. It manufactures products exclusively for pimples and reddishness. These are sold extensively from specialized skincare outlets.

Product Range

The product range of this reputed cosmetic products manufacturer in Korea is broad and all-encompassing. It includes shampoo, soap, Ginseng soap, skin lotion, eye cream, essence, aqua emulsion, anti-wrinkle moisture cream, herbal o bubble cleanser, Rg1-moistuzing cream, anti-wrinkle and skin-whitening BB, herbal mask sheet, deer velvet ampoule, men magnetism mask sheet, and ampoule. Soriso manufactures the best oriental herbal shampoo Korea that is rich in botanical extracts and essential oils. It has been developing bio-compatible “Ja Hyang” cosmetic products founded on the botanical list titled “Bon Cho Gang Mok”.

Skin can usually be classified into five different types on the basis of the principles of cosmic dual forces (Yin-Yang) and five elements. These skin types are (i) dry, (ii) oily and pimpled, (iii) sensitive, (iv) combination (or complex), and (v) revived (or regenerative). Oriental herbal cosmetics for each type are produced by Soriso with botanical cosmetic materials extracted from pure oriental herbs introduced in the Korean medical books like Bon Cho Gang Mok and Dong Uie Bo Gam.

The neck cream, skin mask, skin toner, oily lotion, nutrition cream, cleansing product, and gumdansu cleansing product manufactured by this company are valued by users far and wide.

Soriso – Their Vision

Following the philosophy of “most traditional, most global”, all products as well as the cosmetic containers, cases, and covers are aesthetically designed with conventional design concepts like colorful figures, jars of soy sauce, and the Andong Hahoe mask. This manufacturer of shampoo Korea that previously used mainly foreign ingredients for running its skincare school and skincare center realized that plants growing in Korea are most helpful and appropriate for skin. Hence, they started (a) extracting herbal ingredients that would suit body constitutions according to the five elements, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Tree, (b) combining them in various proportions, and (c) producing herbal cosmetics. Soriso continues to strive to conduct improved research and development with the aim of liberating all kinds of skin across the world from every kind of trouble.

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