Advanced Technology Driven High Place Car And Bean Threshers Have Been Introduce

Posted by sungbooindustry on November 26th, 2014

Agriculture makes the backbone of every country. Development in the field of agriculture can be readily translated to the economic growth of the country and well-being of the residents.  With the rapid development of technology new advanced machineries have been developed, and by the way of applying these technologies in the field of agriculture even a better yield within shorter period of time can be achieved. Power driven automatic machineries that are able to perform and assist in different agricultural and plantation work can open a new era for agriculture, fueling quick growth and accomplishment.

Advanced agricultural machineries

With the motto to provide the agricultural community with advanced machineries that can hugely help in different processes of agriculture, plantation and reaping, the company SUNGBOO IND.,LTD has come up with their extensive range of high quality agricultural machineries. The high place operation car and auto changers are some of the most popular products from the brand. The company has gathered a leading position as a power orchard machine manufacturer in korea. For the first time in the market of Korea eco-friendly electricity driven high place operation car of this quality has been launched. This car can remove all the difficulties and minimize any risk associated with high place work. These machines are even able to offer steady support in sloped area, and they neither produce noise or vibration. Now, important actions like reaping the fruits from the orchard can be safely and quickly performed with the help of this machine. It not only reduces the time taken and offers safety but also ensures that every fruit is in the best condition and are harvested right in time.

Features of high place operation car

The power orchard machine comes with a centralized control panel and can be operated with ease even without any special training. It has a number of built-in safety devices like power shutoff button, safety bar and emergency shutdown button in order to maximize safety at the time of operation.  These machines can take as much as 250 Kg weight and offers stability even in the sloped area with the help of the roll-over protection outrigger. Due to their high energy efficiency, a single change of 4-5 hours can make the machine operational for 2-3 days.

Features of corn thresher

The multipurpose corn thresher is another high quality innovative product from the house of SUNGBOO IND.,LTD. These threshers encapsulate the repulsive force guide method which makes them technologically advanced and unique in performance. The thresher comes with a large opening which enables high amount of feeding at once, reducing the feeding time. It gives maximum work efficiency. The machine is easy to operate; replacing parts like screen net, and teeth can also be done with ease. The device completely lacks the lifting apparatus, which is the main cause of poor threshing and instead uses burlap bag for the process offering a well screened and clean threshing.  Thresher model for tractor attachment are also available.

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