A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Backyard Ice Rink

Posted by reezthomas on February 4th, 2021

A few rounds of hockey and ice fun on your rink freshen up your mind and strengthen the muscles. As a proud owner of an ice rink installed in your backyard, you need to know essential maintenance tips to prevent equipment damage and accidents. Here is an owner’s guide to taking care of inline tiles and the deck.

Patch the holes

The most important feature of an ice rink is the durability of the structure. At the time of installation, the rink system might not show any symptoms of leakage or damage even if it has a few scratches on the liner. There is a high possibility of disaster if you don’t check the liner. You need to set a schedule for rink inspection whenever you have a plan to perform in the rink. If you find holes and cracks, seal them with tapes or roofing tars. Invest in high-quality patch tapes that work in both hot and cold weather.

Make the surface smooth

When someone goes out to do figure-skating or you want a regular hockey practice, the rink should give its best performance. Dents and cracks on the surface could hamper your daily, the situation might be worst when it leads to accidents. You should maintain the smoothness of the surface at all costs. If you don’t have an expensive ice resurfacer, you can use a hand-drawn sled to drag over the surface. To apply more pressure on the wagon, place a bucket of water.

Remove the snow

In the winter, you will find thick layers of snow covering the ice rink surface every day. The accumulation of snow can stop you from doing your usual tasks on the rink. That is why keeping the snow away from the rink is crucial if you want to get the best of your ice rink. You can use a shovel or broom to remove the excessive buildups found on the surface. If you find it too difficult to move the shovel into the hardened snow, apply some non-stick cooking spray on the cutting-edge and blade. Since the snow will continue to fall throughout the winter, adopting a scheduled cleaning is necessary.

Maintain the grass

Snowflakes are not here to stay forever, and you need to make sure the grass beneath the hockey rink liner and its surrounds start growing again. When the snow begins to melt, remove the ice rink brackets and let the water all spills out of the arena, get ready to nurture your beautiful lawn. Get your garden tools and fertilizers to tender the root of the plant. Your backyard should be ready for golf practice when the spring arrives.

The outdoor rink facility is a luxury item that allows you to get the best the season at home. Most importantly, you should use high-quality ice rink liners and frames to ensure its sustainability and durability under extreme weather.

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