How To Choose The Right Short Run Pills?

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Our body is a chemical factory that needs a balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements for its functioning. Without them, our production line shuts down and the body becomes in deficit. Nowadays, we rather overload the production line and the diseases are rather "fullness". However, there is usually emptiness on the base.

We live in a time of growing diseases of civilization. Why maybe? We demand the maximum from the body and give it the minimum. We don't laugh, we don't walk and we do sports in metal buildings. Can we then be surprised that the body begins to protest? Nutritional short run pills are part of a healthy lifestyle. But how to choose the right one so that you don't use a lot, use the right one, etc.? Here are some practical tips... The market is flooded with a sea of different products, choosing the right one is like running in a minefield.

I have been running a natural pharmacy for 15 years and during that time I have gathered some basic advice that can help you choose.

Choosing The Right Short Run Pills?


From the seller's point of view, it sounds a bit counterproductive - don't be fooled by cheap products. On the other hand, an expensive product may not be better than a cheaper one. It is always good to get advice from an expert or to take some time and compare the amount of active ingredients in the capsule, their combination for higher absorption, additives, etc.

E.g. zinc - you can buy ordinary one for example for 50 - 100 CZK. But you almost pee it all. It is therefore better to choose chelated, but it ranges from 130 to 300 CZK, but you absorb it from 80%. That's right, we're not rich enough to buy cheap things.


When buying, prefer capsules to short run pills. Less nutrients are lost during production. An exception to this rule is vitamin B12, which would be destroyed by stomach acids if the tablet were not coated. This also does not apply to plant extracts that are compressed in the tablet (eg multivitamin Earth source)

Capsules often contain special substances that "transport" the product where it is needed. It is always better to choose capsules from plant sources, before gelatin. When selecting accessories for our e-shop, we try to assess these aspects as well, and we select from the flood of products those that meet these requirements, among other things.


Avoid products that contain everything but only the appearance. Products containing more than 20 ingredients in one tablet are very likely to have no special effects. Of course, the exception confirms the rule, but in general it can be followed.


Don't be seduced by ads. A dietary supplement means what it says. It's a supplement. Do not confuse it with a varied diet and do not use them instead of food at all. This is especially true for weight loss products. They simply don't work without your effort, food restrictions, and movement classification. They are only helpful if you want to do it with everything. They help to burn fat, start metabolism and reduce, for example, the appetite for sweets.


There is no need to take dozens of bottles and capsules, depending on what someone has just recommended or you have read somewhere. A comprehensive prevention program should include:

Immune system.

Blood circulation - blood vessels and veins.

Maintaining a healthy intestinal microflora.

These three points are then related to other authorities and problems that may bother you. Unhealthy blood vessels cause high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and we could go on like this. I would like to add my favorites - "You won't spoil anything with the B-complex"


It starts with the question - what exactly is detoxification? I often have questions in the counseling center - "something to detoxify". But what do you really want to detox? Liver, kidneys, intestine? My advice is - you should take care of your gut regularly (see advice above). For the kidneys, it is usually enough to follow a consistent drinking regimen in the form of pure still warm water. Then the liver remains. I really clean (detoxify) you. The appropriate period is spring, specifically from mid-February to mid-May. Even here, however, there are rules that are good to follow. Get advice on this.


It is a combination of several recommendations - check the date of manufacture or expiration date. Store in a cool, dark place. Close carefully after each opening. Take all supplements according to the instructions on the label. Each substance has its needs for digestion and absorption.



It is related to all the previous ones - get advice from an expert when choosing. This will prevent you from wasting money on products that are not right for you. Did you know that knee pain can be related to the kidneys or gallbladder? Joint preparations are then unnecessary. They only help if the knee pain really comes from the joint. But is the real root right there?


If you are concerned about your health in any way, see your doctor without delay. Supplements can be helpful, but do not confuse them with qualified health advice. If you are pregnant or taking medication regularly and would also like to take supplements, it is recommended that you tell your doctor.


Use common sense and your own feelings. Your body often knows exactly what it needs, so don't force yourself into the tried-and-tested advice of friends who were in a one-hour health training session. Every different body and what helped your friend can hurt you.

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