What to Ask from a Divorce Lawyer Before Filing a Petition

Posted by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants on February 4th, 2021

You may have tried your best to stay together and avoid getting a divorce. However, if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship, the best option is to seek a good divorce lawyer in Dubai rather than deal with the situation by yourself.Regardless of your reasons, the decision must be made devoid of emotion after weighing all options. There might also be the issue of the custody of your children to take note under such circumstances.

Divorce is a challenging time for couples, and with the wrong approach, it can become messy and costly. Each case is different, but before you file for a petition or engage a lawyer to represent you, ask these following questions:

  • Tell me about your experience – A divorce lawyer’s experience and expertise on the matter can make a difference in the success of the proceedings. Take note of any special circumstances they may have worked with in the past. Every divorce lawyer also has a unique approach and philosophy to handling cases, so make sure that those are favorable to you.
  • What do you need to know? - Your first meeting with a divorce lawyer in Dubai does not have to be daunting, which can occur when you have to share the details of your marriage and your feelings with them. They will guide you through that process by asking you the right questions that can let them obtain the information that will let them assist you better.
  • Can I make it more affordable? - Although the cost of getting a divorce will depend on many factors, many clients are typically concerned about its impact on their finances. If you and your spouse are able to agree on money management and the custody of your children, the cost on legal work and expensive litigation might reduce. Your divorce lawyer can give advice on how to settle the case more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • What’s next? - After your meeting with the divorce lawyer in Dubai, you will have to make some crucial decisions. You may need to hire them immediately, especially if your spouse is already working to file a petition. Your lawyer may also ask for more information before filing a petition.

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