How to Determine if MLS is right for you

Posted by LSAC on February 4th, 2021

People have a common misconception that acquiring a law degree means becoming a lawyer is the only career option. Well, let us clear the fact, degrees like Master of Legal Studies (MLS) offer the students an opportunity to expand their knowledge in law and not necessarily become the attorney. 

And since, most of the business sector is interwoven with legal matters; it becomes necessary for the organizations to follow the laws and regulations to operate legally. Meaning the individual with MLS or Master of Science in Law (MSL) can work at a higher position to offer legal expertise so the organization can work as per legal regulations. 

So, if you think you have the following qualities, then we guess MLS may be the right path for you. 

1- Have an interest in legal matters:

If you find yourself attracted to topics like risk management, intellectual property, human resources management, regulatory compliance, contracts, privacy, etc., then MLS can help you. With the extensive knowledge you receive while pursuing MLS, you can easily delve deeper into the topics mentioned above.  

2- Want to advance in a career with legal knowledge:

With MLS, you aren't limited only to work in the legal field. In fact, you can apply for higher position opportunities in industries like finance, education, health care, politics, cybersecurity, social work, etc. 

It is fair to say that with the intricacies of knowledge you have in legal affairs, procedures and theories, you can work with almost any type of commercial or industrial sector that requires legal assistance. 

3- Legal field is your go-to, but law school doesn't fascinate you:

To acquire a JD degree, one has to attend three years program. But for Master of Legal Studies (MLS), you only need a little over 1.5 years to complete the program. This way, you save both the time and money. With MLS, you get the path to a legal profession without delving deeper. 

You can successfully work in the legal field as a paralegal, legal assistant, arbitrator, conciliator or mediator with your MLS degree. 

How much increment can MLS degree offer to your salary?

It is a known fact that people with master's degree tend to earn higher than those that don't. And as per United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 the average weekly earnings of people with master's degree was 97 while bachelor's degree was 48. The difference in earning is expected to grow rapidly in the next 30 years. So, that means, your MSL degree will definitely come with a huge increment down the line.  

Over to you

Well, we are hopeful that our article was able to give you a clear picture of Master of Legal Studies (MLS) and how it can be the best fit for you. 

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