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Posted by Dr Rajat Sachdeva on February 4th, 2021

Dental emergency includes trouble related the teeth and the supporting structures. Such injuries to teeth and gums may cause harm to oral health, so it should not be left unnoticed. It might pose a permanent damage to teeth if left neglected, which then leads to costly and extensive treatments.

The top most requirement of emergency management is updated knowledge that aids in early diagnosis and management. Dental emergencies may take place anytime anywhere and in many forms. Some of the emergencies need urgent measures while some doesn’t.

Some of the below are common dental emergencies:

Fractured / Broken tooth

A broken or cracked tooth is considered as emergency if it very painful, it can also cause trauma in mouth if it has left sharp edges. Even if there is no pain associated with the fractured tooth, don’t wait to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Tooth can be broken on biting a hard food or if it has a large fillings as it weakens the teeth. Weakened tooth enamel easily develops cracks which further would require a restoration with crown. It is usually better to get dental check-ups regularly possibly to avoid emergencies some extent.

Tooth pain

There are several different reasons for a toothache, it might be exposed dentin, cracked filling, worn out enamel due to grinding habit, or a cavity which requires root canal treatment. Mild toothache can happen if there is any food stuck between gums. If tooth gets further infected more symptoms like swelling with pain might appear. It is better to book an appointment with dentist to eliminate the symptoms at right time.

Bleeding /inflamed gums

Mild gum bleeding as seen during brushing or flossing can be normal not so serious dental issue. It refers to gum disease or gingivitis, it can be resolved with proper hygiene maintenance and oral prophylaxis by your dentist. Spontaneous gum bleeding can be a serious issue and it advised to visit dental clinic as soon as possible.

Lose Crown

When you have a loose crown, reserve the crown call to a nearby clinic and make an appointment with the dentist, so that they can help you with the situation. You should never try to re-stick that lose crown with your own with any adhesive.

Dental Abscess

A tooth abscess is a bacterial infection filled with pus that occurs due to various reasons; it is usually at the tip of the root or side of gums. It gives a foul smell and taste to the mouth. It is a painful serious condition that requires a dentist to call as soon as possible. Treatments like extraction or root canal of that particular tooth might need to get done. It may be caused due to long term non treated decayed tooth, severe gum infection. It is important to make an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible if it spreads to other parts of the face and neck.

Loose bracket

If you have ongoing orthodontic treatment and have braces, there are chances to either break or loosen brackets at some point. It may happen while eating hard food. It is advisable to visit your dentist and get it repositioned soon.

A dental emergency is unavoidable sometimes, but we can take precautions against the situation that can be prevented.

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