Understanding the Lifecycle of a Green Butterfly

Posted by articlelink01 on November 27th, 2014

Just like other butterflies, the green butterfly has a complete lifecycle of four key stages. Each of these stages is very distinct from the other and a butterfly will not have matured in case any of the stages is skipped. This review will take you through all the stages in details so that you can understand how the butterflies you see flying past your house develop.

  • Eggs- this is the initial stage of a butterfly development. It all starts with the female butterfly laying eggs and it’s usually on tree leaves since that is where they reside. Since the eggs are small in size and rounded in shape, they are laid too close to each other and will take a maximum of five days for the eggs to hatch. That sets the ground for the next stage.
  • Larvae- the hatched eggs produce caterpillars called larvae and that is the second stage for the growth of a green butterfly. At this stage, it can eat flowers and leaves and will be seen chewing for long times. Naturally, this is the stage when the larvae learns how to eat and will start with the leaves where it was hatched on. It is very fast in growing thanks to the high rate of eating. At some point, the larvae shed the natural skin to get a new one which is a clear pointer that it is growing. This can happen for even more than four times which is known as molting. The main activity for the larvae at this stage is eating which does not take a long time.
  • Pupa- it is the third stage of a butterfly development and it comes immediately after the caterpillar has finished growing. The pupa appears in either green or a brown color which simply means it has to resemble leaves and trees in the surrounding. It is a way of camouflaging from other animals that prey on the pupa thus it remains protected all the time. At this stage, many scientists call it the changing and resting phase because the pupa will begin to develop some notable changes unlike in the first two changes. This is the stage when you begin to see a true butterfly and even its green color will start to appear clearly. The shape will also change and a real butterfly will be born.

Adult- after the three stages are complete, you will have the adult green butterfly which will come out once the pupa opens up. At first, the wings will look to be soft and incapable of flying but they will gain strength shortly after taking a deserved rest. The flying will be shaky but gets perfect as it grows old.

The  green butterfly  does not have a different lifecycle from other types only that the color stands out as the main distinction. They will be the usual four stages involving eggs, larvae, pupa and adult so don’t go out looking for anything different. Even  Farm ants  don’t have a complicated lifecycle.

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