Advantages of installing electric cranes in Industry

Posted by RMS Industries on February 4th, 2021

Cranes are used to lift and transport materials from one place to another. There are several types of cranes which are designed to suit the working and requirement of different industries and individuals, but the basic function of transporting material remains the same.

Before electric and hydraulic cranes came into being, manual cranes were used by industries to transport light and heavy materials. However, as industries began to increase production, manual cranes became less efficient, and industries started looking for better options.

Now, cranes with electric crane hoist have become a regular feature in almost every Industry, leaving aside some that have specific requirement of manual cranes or where electric crane cannot function well. Most industries look to install electric cranes even though they cost significantly higher in comparison to the manual cranes.

Let’s look into the advantages of installing electric crane to understand the reason for the major shift.

Heavier load capacity:

As compared to manual crane, electric crane hoist can lift a wide range of goods in different capacities and higher weight with ease. This allows much more transportation of goods from one place to another in a specific period of time with less effort.

Quieter Operation:

As compared to manual and hydraulic hoists, electric crane hoist allows you to lift and keep the materials with much less noise. Electric cranes also move much more smoothly as compared to manual cranes, creating lesser friction and noise and therefore much more pleasant to your ears.

Since electric crane hoist requires only holding the material with the help of a chain or wire rope to move, they create less noise and are more efficient in making shorter trips.

Increase in Productivity:

With the use of electric crane hoist, lifting and transporting of material gets very easy and fast, resulting in a significant increase of productivity as compared to using manual crane hoist. There are fewer to no incidences of labour fatigue or accidents.

Better durability:

Since electric crane has fewer moving parts as compared to manual crane, it has lesser breakages, wear and tear, making it a favourite for industries looking for a durable and faster mode of transporting their materials.

Reduction in manufacturing cost:

Interdepartmental transportation of raw materials and finished products add huge cost to the total manufacturing cost of any product. Use of electric crane in interdepartmental transportation of goods not only helps in increasing production thereby reducing the overall cost of the finished product but it also directly helps in reducing transportation costs of material significantly thereby contributing heavily in reducing finished product costing of materials.

Versatility in lifting materials:

One of the most interesting things in using an electric crane in India is that you can lift and transport a variety of goods in different shapes, designs and weight to a certain place in the unit. Some materials need to be lifted vertically, while some materials require horizontal lifting. Manual and hydraulic cranes fail on many accounts, but electric crane hoists are designed to be flexible and therefore can lift all types of materials.

RMS Industries are one of the pioneer makers of electric crane in India. They have a wide range of manual and electric crane hoists in different load ranges. They have the ability and technology to manufacture world-class cranes according to your specifications and requirements.

They can even send their experts to your place to help you out with crane designs that suit your building and structure, and they are highly competitive in their pricing as compared to other manufacturers in India.

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