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Posted by geniebiocorp on November 27th, 2014

The development of genetic engineering has touched new heights with the assistance of advanced sequencing techniques and the tools that make the process of gene sequencing simple and accurate. In order to ensure high quality bio-engineering processes it is really important that high quality tools and equipment used and produced only by the masters of the field should be used in every application. DNA sequencing, analysis make an essential part in diagnosis of diseases and to test the progress of the treatment; with the help of improved DNA sequencing more accurate diagnosis and medication is possible. DNA studies can simply gift the mankind with a better quality of life. GenieBio Corp. has realized the importance of the field, and in order to support the Bio-engineering sector of the world it has come up with advanced sequencing tools and agents, that are reasonably priced, highly effective and simple to use.

Molecular Diagnostic Kits from GenieBio

The molecular diagnostic kits are a trademark product from the brand. GenieBio Corp. enjoys a reputation that spans across the world for these highly specialized kits. These kits are extensively used in pathogen detection, cell culture, and also in identifying DNA standards for pathogen. With the help of the molecular diagnostic kit the order of nucleotide bases present in a cell can be accurately determined. Through this kit, the sequence of a particular region, a large genetic material or the entire DNA can be determined with high accuracy. These kits meet all the required standards and come with detailed instruction manuals so that they can be effectively used in laboratories, scholastic institutes, hospitals and research organizations.

PCR Enzymes

GenieBio Corp. is one of the largest manufacturers of thermostabledna polymerase in korea. The Thermostable DNA polymerase is an important ingredient in PCR, which is used for amplifying short segments of DNA. The PCR enzymes and reagents make a vital element in the study of genetic-engineering and the quality of these products make a vital impact in the accuracy of the final output. The thermostabledna polymerase manufactured and supplied by GenieBio Corp. meets with all the international standards and is truly world class in every sense. GenioeBio provides   Thermostable DNA polymerase to laboratories across the world and have been successfully helping the drug engineering companies in developing more advanced therapeutics.

Other products and services

The company understands the needs of continuous development in the sector of Bio-engineering, and they regularly come up with more advanced products to ensure the best service to the community.  Other products from the brand include centrifuges of different varieties and total animal breeding system along with assistance. The company also provides high-end and quick sequencing service as per the requirements of the clients.

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