Tips To Maintain A Healthy And Flexible Spine

Posted by Michael Griffin on February 4th, 2021

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Do you occasionally experience back or neck pain? If so it may be due to an unhealthy and stiff spinal cord. The spinal cord is the foundation of our body’s musculoskeletal system and so maintaining a supple and strong spine can have many health benefits and also make our everyday life more comfortable. With the help of simple daily habits and therapies like spinal decompression in Denver, we can make our spine stronger and healthier.

Too much stress, a bad diet, and lack of exercise can impact our spine significantly and these poor lifestyle habits can lead to an unhealthy spine and chronic back and neck pain. However, there are several ways in which we can maintain the proper spinal health, all you need is some dedication and simple lifestyle changes. Here are some ways in which you can maintain a healthy spine.

A Proper Exercise Routine

A proper exercise regimen can be very good for your spinal health and maintain its alignment. Also, exercise can not only help strengthen the spine but also make helps to recover from spinal injuries. You do not need a super complex, athlete level exercise plan to maintain a healthy spine, simple yoga postures and decompression exercises can do a lot of benefits as well. Stretching the back, abdominal muscles, and hamstrings help direct the nutrients towards the spinal discs and soft tissues that support the spine thereby keeping it healthy.

Proper Posture

The way we stand, sit and hold our posture has a big impact on our spine. If you sit for an extended period for work and are slouching most of the time then eventually your spine will go into a curvature, which not only disrupts its alignment but also leads to back pain. Also, your spine has a natural curvature and while sitting down, you need to maintain a position that supports the natural curves and thus does not disrupt the neutral alignment of the spine. When sitting for extended periods, get up from time to time, stretch or walk around a bit and then come back and sit again to prevent stiffness in your back.

Take Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a very relaxing therapy that has many benefits. It can also help to rehabilitate from back injuries and relieve back pain. Massage therapy stimulates the blood flow throughout the back and thus can alleviate any sore muscles that support the spine and also let the endorphins permeate through heh spinal cord. This will help improve spinal health and also have a very relaxing and soothing effect and improve the quality of sleep as well.

Eat Right

A nutritious diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the spine. Eating the right food benefits the body in multiple ways and it is super effective for maintaining a healthy spine as well. Eating a Calcium and Vitamin-rich diet can help prevent various spinal and bone disorders like osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis, etc. also, with the proper nutrition counseling in Denver, you can maintain healthy body weight as well. When you are overweight, it puts a lot of pressure on the spinal cord and can increase your chances of spinal injury.

Practice Yoga

Practices like Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi helps relieve chronic back pain. Yoga involves body movements that gently decompress the spine while also focusing on breathwork to create a relaxing effect. Breathing and stretching together lead to a healthy and balance spinal cord. People who practice Yoga regularly can observe a lot of benefits not just for the spine but the overall health as well.

Sleep properly

If you do not sleep in a good posture then you can wake up with a sore back and also develop chronic back pain. For maintaining a healthy spine, it is important to take up the right sleeping posture. While sleeping, get a pillow that nicely supports your neck. If you sleep on your side, get a thick pillow that supports your head and neck properly to maintain the proper alignment of the spine.

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