Everything You Need To Know About Automotive Oxygen Sensors.

Posted by sjautomotive on November 27th, 2014

Input from a variety of sensors helps the computerized engine control systems to regulate engine performance and various important functions. So, it becomes quite important for the sensors to provide accurate information otherwise car maintenance issues may occur. One of the important sensors in this system includes the oxygen sensor. This sensor is mounted on the exhaust manifold for monitoring oxygen levels in the exhaust, as it helps in determining if the fuel mixture is burning rich or lean.

For home mechanics it’s really necessary to know in detail about the functioning of each of the components of the automobile, especially automotive oxygen sensors. It is a small yet essential component, the problems of which are hard to rectify. It is important to know that any problems with this sensor can severely affect the proper functioning of the automobile. Here are some of the basics that one needs to know about automotive oxygen sensors.


The computational unit of automobiles use the input received from the oxygen sensors to regulate the fuel mixture. This operation is known as the fuel feedback control loop. After receiving inputs from the oxygen sensors, the computer responds by changing the fuel mixture. This process is known as closed loop operation. This results in constant flip-flop from rich to lean mixture, which allows the automobile to work at peak efficiency.

When no signal is received from the oxygen sensors, as it happens in case of cold engines during winters, the computer sends in a fixed highly rich mixture of fuel. This is called open look operation. The target is to go back into closed loop functioning. In case there is a malfunction and the engine fails to go into closed loop, it causes an increase in fuel consumption and emissions. Talking about the malfunctioning of this sensory device, a bad aircon compressor can too avert the system from entering the closed loop. This happens because the system also contemplates the temperature of the aircon compressorbefore deciding whether or not to enter the closed loop.

Sensor Diagnosis

The automotive oxygen sensorsare rugged components, considering the operating environment they are placed in. With the passage of time they start to wear out and their performance starts deteriorating quite rapidly. These deteriorations are generally caused by substances like lead, silicone, sulphur, oil ash and even some fuel additives. Some environmental factors such as water, splash from road salt, oil and dirt too may cause this deterioration.

• Effects – With the sensor becoming sluggish, the emissions start going up i.e. the time taken to react to changes in the air-fuel mixture slows down. This causes more fuel consumption and may also damage the converter.

• Diagnosis – For better functioning of your system check your automotive oxygen sensorsquite often. The output from the sensor can be easily read by using scan tool or digital voltmeter. In case you are not familiar with the diagnostic processes you can certainly get in touch with some professionals like SJ Automotive who are leading automotive oxygen sensors manufacturer in Korea.

When it comes to leading automotive oxygen sensors manufacturer in Korea, it is recommended that you choose a company whose auto spare parts are designed with cutting edge technology, top quality and global competitiveness. A reliable company that offers automotive oxygen sensors will also be a trusted aircon compressor manufacturer in Korea.

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