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Posted by aaronruslee on February 4th, 2021

buy nzx shares online - Guide showing you how to buy NZX shares using the trading platform Sharesies NZ. Sharesies NZ is a great platform which allows kiwis to buy NZX Stocks.

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How to Buy NZX Shares in New Zealand Using Sharesies

If you have been wondering to find a suitable platform for buying shares or making investments, Sharesies allows you to do it simply and successfully. A Sharesies account not only benefits adults, but it considers the interests of younger individuals as well and offers them with several investment opportunities. Sharesies is a stock trading platform which now facilitates online trading of shares in individual companies as well for the investors. Buying and selling of shares on an online platform are the most convenient ways of trading which can be done using Sharesies. Also, it offers fractions of shares as well, and investments can be made as low as one cent. Sharesies deals with the New Zealand Shares, Australian Shares and a few other International Shares. Buying NZX or New Zealand Stock Exchange Shares and making investments in its funds is, however, not that difficult.
Create An Account

Once you have chosen Sharesies as your stock trading platform, all you need to do is to get your registrations done for an account. You are required to provide all the necessary information such as your name, home address, your proof of ID and the information regarding your bank account.
Select The Shares/Stocks:

Next, you are required to opt for the shares you are willing to buy. These shares must be according to how much you want to invest, or your target. You can then decide the total number of shares you would like to get. For these, you need to consider your budget and then plan for it likewise.
Place Your Order:

Sharesies is a platform which offers you a lot of opportunities when you place an order.

There are two types of orders:

Some things to consider when you are buying at market order the price my fall or increase drastically so you need to think about if you want to take that risk. At the same time, if you do limit order your order might not fill cause of the limit you set.

Generally, market orders are for traders and limit orders are for investors but to each their own. Double check the details before proceeding to the next step.

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