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Merchant account offers different kinds of facilities to customer

Posted by Jack daryanani in Finance on November 28th, 2014

Abbreviation of MOTO is “mail order and telephone order” and that is what merchant accounts had been designed to accommodate. Benefits of Moto Merchant Accounts are useful for those who are willing to receive the payment through phone or email although it contains high risk because the cardholder is not present. These accounts are ideal for businesses or customer that prefers personal contact.  MOTO merchant accounts are appealing for remote companies that want to increase their sales without having an internet-focused business and the main advantages of having Moto merchant account are security and mobility in payment. A Moto merchant account can be operated from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Having a Moto merchant account and processing card payment via a virtual terminal is great for ecommerce merchants too.

TMF stand for Terminated Merchant File in which the account of a merchant terminated by their acquiring bank. TMF is essentially a black list in which if a merchant appear on the list, it drastically reduces their chances of success when applying for new merchant facilities and removal from the list is virtually impossible because it carrying out their due diligence on new merchant applications. TMF Merchant Account Provider assist businesses who appear on the MATCH file to acquire merchant facilities of offshore banks. This will achieved by leveraging partner network of many acquiring banks and service providers from across the globe. Before connecting with acquiring banks TMF Merchant Account Provider number of steps in which they send a rates quote and details for each solution and after nominated, request for documents to submit to the chosen bank for pre-application.

High Ticket Merchant Accounts is that in which highest dollar amount that a merchant expects to charge in a single transaction. In High Ticket Merchant Accounts, merchant’s allowable highest charge in one sale, so it is important to estimate the high ticket correctly because the processor will set this number as a limit. Moreover, if the merchant want to charge a sale, which exceeds the high-ticket limit, then the transaction will send for investigation or it may deny altogether. It is often wise to estimate the high ticket slightly above what is expected.

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