QHD Monitors- Ushering A Bright Future With Its Application In Various Smart Dev

Posted by crossover on November 29th, 2014

qHD monitors have become quite significant and its application is very common in today’s techno-world. qHD, which stands for quarter High Definition is actually named so because it is one fourth of the size of full HD (High Definition). Science explains that quintessentially, a qHD screen will actually measure 960 x 540 pixels in relevance to 16:9 ratio. This culminates into forth of 1080p, that is, the size of one total HD frame. This particular format is hugely popular in smart devices like in tablets and mobile phones.

The year 2011 saw massive changes in technology that ushered in a new age of display screens. A number of phone companies started including qHD for building screens in their gadgets and devices. Gaming devices are also now having qHD screens. It is advisable to get adapted to a QHD monitor, before you contemplate a purchase.

You will find umpteen companies engaged in manufacturing qHD monitors, which might cause a hole in your pocket. Budget is always important in any deal that stays within your financial limit so as to make it the most lucrative deal. In that case, turn to Cross Over, well-known as a pro black LCD manufacturer in Korea that penetrates the market with technology-compliant products at the most reasonable price. Crossover monitors in Korea are quite popular given its sleek designs, uncompromising services and unmatched features; all available at pocket-friendly budget. Hence, as fodder for thought, bring home Cross Over items that will cost you an amicable pocket pinch in exchange for superb services as can only be expected from the big banners in the market.

Coming to our discussion on qHD, the future is not too far when you will witness the application of qHD displays in almost all smartphones.

qHD- Shaping up the Future

If you do some research you will know that quad HD is armed with more pixels equivalent to four times than 720p HD display. No wonder, it is surely the next step up following from full HD (1920 x 1080) with almost 2560 x 14440 resolutions. Screen technology has taken many strides forward, and techno-connoisseurs are constantly finding new ways to bring improvisation in screen technology, in which qHD display is a phenomenon, now found in many gadgets and smartphones from prestigious houses.

Today, people are using their smart devices whether phones or tablets for watching videos, making presentations, for watching TV and so on. Unless, you have a magnificent display screen to savor distinct and flawless picture; you won’t love watching movies on your smart devices. Hence, this has urged in a huge demand for superb screen technology, of which smart screens are playing inevitable role.

There is a constant appetite for high resolution display technology and brighter screens. Consumers get the feeling that they are going to enjoy the next generations of most advanced technology at the cost of some reasonable bucks.

Indeed, screen technology is now the talk of town and the future is here when you are going to revel in sharpness and unmatched color reproduction when viewing the screens of your smart devices.    

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