DefiSign LIFE AED is one of the newest defibrillators on the market

Posted by MichealH Alexander on February 4th, 2021

The DefiSign LIFE defibrillator is perfecly designed for use by non-professionals. This competitively priced AED gives clear verbal instructions, talking the rescuer through each step of the resuscitation process.

The defibrillator starts working as soon as the front cover is opened, beginning with clear spoken instructions, supported by images that are highlighted by LED lights. The defib explains what actions need to be taken, step-by-step, making the DefiSign LIFE exceptionally user-friendly.

The electrodes are clearly visible and accessible; they are pre-connected to the defibrillator, ready to be attached directly to the patients exposed chest, saving valuable seconds. The electrodes for this AED have a 2.5 year lifespan, which is recorded on the AED. When the electrodes are due to expire, the AED will alert you that they need replacing. The battery has an exceptional 6 year lifespan, as a result the running costs of this defibrillator are kept to a minimum. Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Special child electrodes are required when using this AED for child casualties between the ages of 1-8 years, or weighing less than 25KG, these electrodes can be stored on the back of the AED, ready for use when necessary and also come with a 2.5 year lifespan. When paediatric electrodes are connected to the AED, the energy level of the shock is adjusted to a level more suitable for a child. The DefiSign AED can therefore be used on both adult and child patients.

Always Ready to Use

Various LED lights on the front of the defibrillator provide reassurance that your AED is ready for use. If the status indicator on the right burns green, you can be assured that your defib is rescue ready. If any of the lights on the left are burning, then you will be alerted that there is a problem that needs addressing. The user manual clearly shows what each warning light signifies, in most cases it is usually a low shelf-life on the battery or electrodes that is the problem.

Due to its high resistance against dust and water contamination, the DefiSign LIFE can be situated inside or outside, please note that a special outdoor AED cabinet is required if you wish to store the AED outside.

Long 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The DefiSign LIFE AED comes with a long 10 year guarantee, ensuring a long and reliable lifetime for your device. This long warranty period, distinguishes the DefiSign LIFE AED head and shoulders above its competitors.

If the defibrillator is going to be used in a multi-national environment, for example an international business or holiday park, the DefiSign LIFE has the ability to store three interchangeable languages. At the touch of a button, the language can be changed to any one of the set languages, even during the resuscitation process. The DefiSign Life comes with a standard pre-installed language package consisting of English, Polish and German, other packages are available if you require a language other than these. Available languages range from Spanish to Catalonian, English to Mandarin, whatever your needs, we should have a language package to suit you. Shoe Cover Dispenser

The DefiSIgn LIFE defibrillator is made by the renowned manufacturer Schiller Medical. Schiller Medical is a leading brand in the medical industry and this is reflected in the quality and design of the DefiSign LIFE AED.

In short, if you are looking for a practical, affordable and user-friendly defibrillator, then choose the DefiSign LIFE AED. The 10 year warranty ensures that you are always guaranteed a reliable device. With its competitive price and high specifications, multi-lingual capability and high dust and water resistance that enable the AED to be used in allituations, complete with clear user-friendly verbal instructions, the DefiSIgn LIFE AED is the defibrillator that will enable anyone to save a life.

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