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Posted by tanyahushe47 on November 29th, 2014

In this 22nd century every possible thing has come in just one click away, only you’ve to pay for it. But what happens, if your introvert baby does not want to go to school and if sent forcefully, baby gets sick or you receive a complaint from a principle? Here is the solution, now you can be free from the worries and go for the online tutoring classes, in home tutoring or homeschooling and it is possible in Texas itself!! Ace MY Course is such an institute who provides trusted, experienced and knowledgeable tutors who will coach not only your kids, but also afterschool students and adults who are interested in higher studies and guide them to the best.

Basically four levels of students are taught here on online continue education programs, Elementary level, Mid school level, High school level and College & PhD level. The institute has a team of highly qualified, experienced and certified tutors who teach Math, Science, Basic Engineering, Microsoft Programs, Writing, ESL, Literature, Teacher Certification, Spanish, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Accounting, Basic Finance, Basic Economics and Basic Statistics.

These classes are held through Skype, Go To Meeting or other this kind of software programs. The tuition can be done either one on one or group online tutoring courses depends upon the service chosen by the students. In one on one session the teacher and student choose the day and time together. But in a group session maximum a group of 15 students can join in a virtual classroom through the internet and study together. They all can hear and see each other and share simultaneously. If the teacher writes something on his screen, it can be seen to all of the student’s screen. So which ever service you choose, the study runs smoothly. Also, parents can discuss about their kids anytime with the teachers.

Also the institute provides an affordable online editing service for the College and PhD level students on their Thesis or Dissertations. To make your papers more professional and up to the mark, you may need some assistance. At Graduation level the Paper needs to be very precise and perfect to take you to grow professionally and there you might need an assistance. In Dissertations also what you write is most important, but there you need to emphasize many a things and Ace My Course offers that editing also with the perfect language and formatting just what is appropriate.

Not only all these services what will help you, but Online Test Prep for the exams like SAT, GED and other exams, also help you to reach your goal. All the pocket friendly paid services including test prep services are very much helpful for the students of mid ages.

So, the students who live a far from Texas, do not need to worry about your after school studies. The institute provides you all the solutions of your study problems by providing videos, training online or even homeschool tutors are there to help you out. Only you have to select one service and jump into the interesting sessions!!

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