Bodycon Dresses Are Sure to Set the Floor on Fire

Posted by printdress on December 1st, 2014

Once in a lifetime, every woman on this planet must have thought of looking the sexiest woman. If you are one of them and want to set the party floor on fire, then the bodycon dress is your thing. Take a look on what would be a good option for you:

We all are of not the same figure. Different figures require different types of dresses to look perfect. Here is how to choose a perfect dress for your figure to dazzle the party:

Apple Shape:
If you have excessive weight in your midsection and your bust is large, you are an apple figured lady. Choose a bodycon dress that skims but does not cling too much.

Pear Shape:
If you carry excess weight on your hips and upper thigh area, you are pear shaped. You can create a balance by wearing a dress that draws attention to your upper half.

Banana Shape:
If you are straight figured and carry a little curve on your body, you are a banana shaped lady. You need to choose a dress that brings out your feminine side and gives the illusion of curvier body.

Hourglass Shape:
The hourglass shape said to be most curvy and ideal figure. If your bust and your hips are almost equal sized and your waist is smaller, you are an hourglass figure. All kinds of bodycon dresses go perfectly with this figure.

The second thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a cheap bodycon dresses is the color of the dress. As it has always been said, right color on right complexion makes you look perfect; always choose a color that brightens up your complexion. Colors play a big role in dressing up. A wrong color can break down all your efforts to look sexy. Black and white have always been the best options, however; other colors like royal blue, coral, bottle green, emerald, carnation pink, beige and red can also be chosen depending upon which color would look best on your complexion.

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